Overseas Trips

During the Week Without walls in January 26 to 30, 2020, ISL Qatar is organising several overseas trips for G5 to G11. All trips with complete costings are listed below. The trips are being organised through experienced school trip providers and our own staff who will lead each trip. All trips are subject to possible changes due to the level of interest for each trip and approval from the ministry.

Each trip has been selected for educational purposes - from themes directly related to the units students are currently studying. Students will also be a part of experiences focusing on team and character building where students have the chance to challenge themselves in a new environment. 

All trips include half-board accommodation, transportation (flights and ground), staff costs, excursions with tour guides and equipment for tours, training (sports trips) and educational activities. Please note that ISL Qatar does not profit from this trips.

Proposed Trips

Trip to Oman, G5 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
MON, 27 January 2020 THU, 30 January 2020 QAR 3,665
Bridget Wells


The Gr5 field trip/camp to Oman aims to provide students with a range of activities designed to be fun, challenging, and educational. The camp is specifically designed to foster in students the skills and attitudes needed to prepare them for finding success in all areas of their lives - confidence, leadership, resilience, teamwork and environmental awareness.

Trip Guidelines

Trip to Sri Lanka, G6 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
THU, 23 January 2020 TUE, 28 January 2020 QAR 6,800 Shaun Mistry



This field trip aims to help students develop the skills that they need to be ready to tackle the world head on during and when they leave school. The aim, through various outdoor activities and challenges is for them to come home triumphant, proud, inspired, and with a whole host of new skills, that would include: Confidence, Leadership, Resilience, Independence, Teamwork and Environmental awareness.

Trip Guidelines

Trip to Kenya, G7 and G8 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
FRI, 24 January 2020 FRI, 31 January 2020 QAR 9,950 Katie Gellatly



Kenya is a country of diverse landscapes and magnificent wildlife. This January, Grade 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to explore this spectacular country through service work and a plethora of unique experiences. On this adventure, students will become part of a service community that has been working on local projects for over 17 years. Students will continue the work started by other schools through developing parts of the rural community around the camp. 

Aside from the three days of service as action projects that they will take part in, students will have the opportunity to visit the Maasai tribe and learn more about their cultures and traditions. Students will also learn local skills, some of the local language, Swahili, and make crafts with a local women’s empowerment group. While in the lush greenery, students will embark on a trek up Marunga Hill where they will learn basic survival skills, such as making a fire and traditional archery and have lunch in a cave! No trip to Kenya would be complete without going on a safari! Students will have the chance to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, and maybe even a lion at East Tsavo National Park. 

At the end of each day, students will have a chance to connect more with their classmates over some exciting activities, delicious dinners, and a campfire or two. What a great way to make memories while helping a worthwhile and sustainable cause! 

Trip Guidelines

Skiing Trip to Switzerland, G7 to G10 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
FRI, 24 January 2020 FRI, 31 January 2020 QAR 9,200 David Monk




We make sure everyone enjoys themselves - whatever their skill level. Throughout the week, the ISL Qatar students will enjoy up to five hours a day of tuition with amazing instructors from the École Suisse de Ski. The beginner lessons will focus on the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding, while those requiring more advanced lessons can work on fine-tuning different disciplines such as racing, bumps and off-piste.

After each action-packed day on the mountain the fun will continue with an amazing programme of après ski and evening activities, which could include pizza night, climbing, torch lit walks, snowshoeing, sledging, ice skating, and hot chocolate & movie nights.

Through this field trip, we will also focus on team building skills, physical and emotional challenges, and cultural experiences.


It’s so much fun…

It’s great exercise…

For the stunning scenery…

To enjoy the peaceful ambience on the slopes and in the mountains…

For clean and fresh air…

Trip Guidelines

Football Trip to Liverpool, UK, G7 to G10 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
FRI, 24 January 2020 THU, 30 January 2020 QAR 9,000 Samir Valiyev


For the third year, ISL Qatar is organising a Football Trip to Liverpool (UK). The trip is organised in collaboration with Liverpool Football College. This is a great opportunity for students in Grades 7-10 to experience life as a full-time football scholar. The trip will involve training with UEFA “A” class coaches and playing games against local teams.

When the students are not playing, there will be an opportunity to tour Anfield - the legendary stadium of Liverpool FC and to visit the sports science departments at local Universities. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to visit the best sights and historical landmarks of Liverpool, such as Penny Lane, Royal Albert Dock, and Royal Liver Building. 

Trip Guidelines

Cultural Trip to Rome, G8 to G10 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
SAT, 25 January 2020 FRI, 31 January 2020 QAR 8,500 Ahmed El Hadidi



Our main aim from this trip to Italy is to discover the Roman civilization and to increase gains in academic content knowledge to appreciate diversity. Exposure to other lifestyles helps students see their world in a different way. Having a broad awareness of how other people live and what other cultures prioritize allows a student to think differently about their own lives. Students will learn about the quality and workmanship of two of the city’s industries at demonstrations of Florentine leathercraft and 18-Karat Gold.

During the 7-day trip, students will visit three major cities: Rome, Florence and Venice. They will be involved in authentic cultural, historical and educational experiences.

Students will visit:

  • The colosseum
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Florence Leather School
  • The canals of Venice

…and make their own pizza!

Trip Guidelines

Service-Adventure Trip to Borneo, G9 and G10 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
THU, 23 January 2020 THU, 30 January 2020 QAR 7,900 Gaida Erlano


Whilst staying in the jungle of Borneo, Malaysia, students will immerse themselves in different areas of Miri and recognise the importance of combining urban and (rural) jungle living in keeping a small city afloat. Along with the local culture and food, the students will explore, get to know and become aware of the everyday challenges some of its people continue to experience. As part of a Service as Action trip, students will connect and interact with children from Northern Sarawak whose families cannot provide the education they need. Each student will play a significant part in contributing towards bettering the lives of those in need of the basics such as education. 

Trip Guidelines

STEAM Trip to Berlin, G9 and G10 (Registration Closed)

Start Date End Date Cost Trip Leader
FRI, 24 January 2020 THU, 30 January 2020 QAR 7,500 Moneeb Minhas



This trip is full STEAM ahead, focusing on the four areas of Science, Design Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This 6-day itinerary is to the heart of Germany’s main urban centre:  the city of Berlin.  In this lovely vibrant city, our students will visit the Computerspiele Museum, focusing on  Computer Engineering. This will be followed by a visit to the Archenhold Observatory, home to the world’s longest movable refracting telescope; and offering students, an insight into astrophysics.  During the visit, students will tour the German Museum of Technology, the Science Centre, the Aviation museum and finally the BMW Motorcycle plant where they will study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in relation to the motor industry.  All the planned visits will foster links to the units of inquiry in both the Design and Science programmes at ISL Qatar.

Trip Guidelines

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