Primary Leadership Team

Roula Ismail, Head of Primary (Core PLT)

Roula Haj-Ismail spent her formative years in Australia and holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Sydney, and a MA in Philosophy from the American University of Beirut, where she began her teaching career. She is currently studying for her Doctor of Education (Ed.D) with Bath University. Roula Haj-Ismail is a highly experienced and accomplished IB educator, with 30 years of involvement with good international schools in Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. She has worked as an IB PYP Coordinator and has been an IB workshop leader for PYP as well as Cross Programmes and school visitor and evaluator for over 15 years. For the IB she develops curriculum, webinars, and test reads documentation.

She has presented sessions at IB Global Conference and other educational conferences like NESA. Roula has a background in visual and performance art, which she brings to bear in her leadership and teaching. She has developed and performed art pieces and videos at art festivals in Europe, USA, and locally. Roula enjoys art, media literacy, music, and cross-country skiing. 


Marwa Nsouli, EC/KG Coordinator (Core PLT)

Marwa Nsouli holds both a BA and MA (Honours) in Education from the American University in Beirut. She is a child development specialist by both training and experience. Marwa has taught in many different countries, including Beirut, Lebanon. She has over 12 years of experience working with children and their families from around the world. Marwa especially loves learning about the different cultures that families bring to the learning environment, and helping them to maximize their child’s growth and development, while respecting the cultural values they treasure.

Marwa is a mother of two. Both children - Mila aged 8 and Mohamed aged 3 - will be joining ISL Qatar in August. Both she and her husband are very excited about this new experience. In particular, they are looking forward to meeting new people and learning about new cultures and more about the world through those they meet. During her leisure time, Marwa enjoys swimming, travelling, researching and writing. She is looking forward to a wonderful year, one filled with new experiences and learning opportunities.

Danielle Robertson, PYP Coordinator (Core PLT)

Danielle Robertson, known affectionately across the campus as “Miss Dani,” holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Oregon State University in English (language & literature) and in Education. She is also currently pursuing her Master’s in Educational Leadership. In addition to her university studies, Dani also holds a TEFL certification (a specialised qualification for teaching English to non-native speakers). She has not only been teaching since 2007, but has also coached public speaking and competitive debate since 2002. She has put her speaking and debating skills to good use here in Qatar as a debate coach at ISL Qatar and a Qatar Debate tournament judge. As a teacher, Dani is a “jack of all trades” – she’s taught IB PYP homeroom (Grades 1, 2, 4 and 5), MYP language acquisition and language & literature, DP language acquisition and high school English Language Arts in the USA. 

Dani came to Qatar from Europe – Belgium, specifically – and she is a Belgian-American citizen. She and her husband have a passion for supporting animals here in Qatar, specifically stray animals, and regularly volunteer their time to help animals in need. Dani considers herself a passionate amateur cook and baker; she is particularly inquisitive about cake baking and sourdough bread. She also sings from time to time, a talent that she puts to good use as the co-director of the ISL Qatar upper primary Junior Choir.