Middle School Leadership Team

Leigh Anne Toler, Head of Middle School

Leigh Anne attended Texas A&M University for a B.S. in Geography and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. She earned her Teachers' Training Center (TTC) Certificate of International School Teacher Leadership, and completed her final Principals' Training Center (PTC) course this summer to earn the PTC Certificate of International School Leadership. She was the Upper Years Leader and Academic Coordinator at the British School of Brussels.

Before this role, she served in other divisional and whole school learning leadership positions in international schools in Uganda, Lebanon, and Russia. As an educator, she is passionate about school culture and systems-building, global citizenship, transition support within highly mobile school communities, and fostering learner agency. She is an avid baseball fan and loves coffee, puzzles, movie nights, and baking! Leigh Anne is thrilled to have joined the ISL Qatar community!


Moneeb Minhas, MYP Coordinator (Core MLT)

Moneeb holds a BA Honors degree in Architecture from Leeds Beckett University and a PGCE in Design and Technology from the University of Manchester. He has taught a wide variety of creative subjects such as Design, ICT, Media, Robotics and Computer Science. Moneeb has worked in both private and state schools in the United Kingdom, and has remained as a Managing Trustee and Creative Curriculum Coordinator of a private academy in Sheffield, UK. He has been at the International School of London for over five years now and has been leading the Design department for a number of years. He has commenced the DP Design program at ISL and redeveloped the curriculum in MYP to incorporate Computer science and the latest digital technologies.  He holds four middle leadership certificates and is currently doing an MA in education with the University of Bath.  

Moneeb currently holds two leadership roles at ISL: He is the Leader of Learner for Design and Computer Science and the Leader of Student Development for Grades 7 & 8. His greatest enjoyment though, lies in being in the classroom and teaching his MYP and DP classes. 

When not teaching, Moneeb enjoys spending his time with his family, reading, watching movies and travelling the world. 


Adeeba Qazi, G8 Grade Level Leader/Community Project Coordinator (Core MLT)

Adeeba holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from University of Mumbai. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from University of Mumbai.

She has taught in an IB school in India for several years. She has taught Design, Science and was the MYP Service Coordinator and CAS coordinator. She is teaching Science and Design at ISL Qatar and was the Personal Project Coordinator.

Currently she a science and design teacher, a Grade level leader for Grade 8 and the Community Project Coordinator.  In her free time, Adeeba loves cooking, travelling and meeting new people.


Ahmed El Hadidi, G7 Grade Level Leader/Arabic Speaking Students Community Liaison (Core MLT)

Ahmed obtained a doctorate in Arabic Language and Literature from the university of Al Mansoura. He also holds a Diploma in Education from the same University.  

Ahmed has extensive experience in the field of International Education since 2001. He has worked in several international schools in Egypt and Qatar. He is an accomplished IB educator and highly experienced with 17 years of experience in international schools. He is also an IB workshop leader and CIS Evaluation team visitor.  

In 2011 Ahmed joined the rich and diverse ISL community. Ahmed enjoys the outdoors, travelling and spending time with his family.


Kaeyla Wilmoth, G6 Grade Level Leader (Core MLT)

Kaeyla has spent the past few years in Malaysia and Singapore. Prior to this, she has worked in Qatar, China and the UAE. Originally from Newcastle, Australia where she began her teaching career, Kaeyla loves travelling and teaching abroad. She is looking forward to returning to Qatar with her husband, Russell, and their two young children. Kaeyla received her Bachelor of Education from Curtin University, Australia and her Masters in International Education from the University of Bath, UK. She has taught Humanities/History, English, Art, Dance and Film in two of the four IB programmes, MYP and DP. 


Reinette Evert, Whole School Counsellor Coordinator (Special Guest)

Reinette holds a Masters in Guidance and Counselling and is a Bachelor of Education. In her 16th year in education, she has a passion for working with and supporting students with needs, their parents and other professionals who have contact with these students.

Prior to moving to Qatar where she holds the position of Head of Inclusion and Student Wellbeing, Reinette’s professional journey moved her from her role as a classroom primary school teacher to special needs teacher then to become a Educational Psychologist, registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Reinette is also a registered Psychologist with the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.