ISL Qatar's Definition of Learning

"Learning at ISL Qatar is a joyful, dynamic process of discovery, inspiring innovation and transformation, whereby learners connect and engage purposefully with the world.” 

There are two questions that every school is responsible for answering:

  • what does it mean to “learn” in this school?
  • how does this definition frame every part of what this school does?

Answering these questions is not as simple as it may seem; given our mission and core values, we desire many voices to be a part of this process. ISL Qatar is not a place where learning is defined only by a few school leaders, but by everyone who is important to the process. These answers, however, do represent the school leadership’s promise to its families and staff – to support all stakeholders in providing specific learning experiences across programmes that are aligned with what we, as a whole community, value.

This definition of learning is the construction of many. Learners, parents, staff and leaders have come together to draft it. We are, furthermore, committed to aligning our planning and teaching to it. From three years old to eighteen years old, our students will experience learning through this lens, and the decisions that we make, from the classroom to the boardroom, will ensure that this is possible.