Welcome to the International School of London Qatar and thank you for your interest in our school! 

As you explore our website, you will discover a wealth of information, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you and your family for a campus visit. It is during these visits that the true essence of ISL Qatar as a vibrant and nurturing learning community comes to life.

At ISL Qatar, we envision more than just an educational experience. Rooted in our Values - Belonging, Integrity, Grit, and Kindness, we provide the foundational support that enables our students to thrive and evolve into the very best versions of themselves. Our unwavering dedication to our Mission, "Empowering learners to lead through compassion, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking," resonates in everything we do. We are dedicated to nurturing students who not only excel academically but also possess the skills and mindset necessary to make a positive impact on the world around them. Accordingly, we collectively strive towards our Vision - "Imagining and designing a better world together." We aim to inspire our learning community to work towards a more fair and sustainable future.  

Our students' passion for learning is nurtured by a dedicated, progressive professional community coming from approximately 50 countries. We are enthusiastic about learning and, and we implement innovative approaches to teaching while meeting the needs of all students by personalizing education.

ISL Qatar, internationally accredited by NEASC, has also established itself as a leading International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the region, and we are proud to observe the highest academic standards through the offering of the IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. This supporting structure, combined with a curriculum of global outlook ensures our students realize their academic aspirations, fulfill their potential, and become active global citizens prepared for life at leading universities around the world.  

Central to our identity as a truly international school, ISL Qatar offers one of the most distinct and dynamic language programs in the world. Our mother tongue language program currently supports 12 languages, and we are always open to offering additional languages. This program promotes respect for the literary heritage of a student’s home language and provides an opportunity for students to continue to develop literacy skills in their mother tongue while studying in a different language of instruction. Today there is overwhelming research evidence that supports our philosophy of nurturing students’ cultural and linguistic identities. In addition to our mother tongue languages, most of our students also learn another modern language from our offerings of Arabic, French or Spanish. Lastly, we welcome students new or recent to the English language. We provide an inclusive learning environment through our English Language Support. Every ISL Qatar community member is a learner of multiple languages.

Above all, the heart of ISL Qatar lies in its vibrant community spirit. Representing approximately 80 nationalities, we embrace and celebrate our rich diversity, united by our shared values. ISL Qatar is a family. We look out for one another, celebrating each other's successes and offering encouragement and support when facing challenges. The energy and excitement on our campus is contagious. Come check it out for yourself! I look forward to meeting you in person soon.


Warm regards,

Sean Areias, Ed.D.