What Makes our Staff Special?


ISL Qatar has a culturally diverse, well-qualified, committed and experienced staff from across the globe. We currently have over 40 nationalities in the staff body and are committed to maintaining that diversity.

Academic Leadership

Our Schools are Learning Communities, not only for our students but our faculty as well. Each staff member is actively encouraged to participate in continuing education whether through advanced degrees or participation in education conferences. The ISL Group is an active participant in the Alliance for International Education (AIE), the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). and a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). Additionally, our Greater London Schools are involved with the London International Schools Association (LISA) and IB Schools and Colleges Association.

Our Managing Director, Amin Makarem, was instrumental in the development of the Alliance for International Education (AIE) UK Chapter and has been appointed a Trustee. Further, he has helped to organise and host the student Climate Change Challenge and the seminar, Education for a Better World, which brought together key individuals from leading institutions and NGOs in the fields of international education. The Alliance for International Education held its World Conference at ISL Qatar in October 2012.

Our Participations

ISL Qatar Faculty and Staff participate in, and present at, major educational conferences, serve on IB Committees, and host regional and international educational events. For more information, access the following links:

Alliance for International Education: www.intedalliance.org

European Council of International Schools: www.ecis.org

Council of International Schools: www.cois.org

Association of Relocation Professionals: www.arp-relocation.com

European Relocation Association (EuRA): www.eura-relocation.com

Forum for Expatriate Management: www.totallyexpat.com

IB Schools and Colleges Association: www.ibsca.org.uk