Tuition and Fees

Thank you for your interest and continuous loyalty to the International School of London (ISL) Qatar. We are delighted to present our fee structure below.  Shall you need further assistance, please email us at or call us at +97444338600.

Annual Fees

Grade Level Annual Fee (QAR)
Early Childhood through Grade 5 53,005
Grade 6 through Grade 8 58,955  
Grade 9 through Grade 10 66,105
Grade 11 and Grade 12 75,655


Additional Fees

Description Amount (QAR)
Evaluation Fee 530 per child
Registration Fee (for new students) 2,652 per child  
Deposit Fee (for returning students) 2,500 per child
Mother Tongue Programme 7,426 per year


Please note that the fees indicated above are subject to change based on the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s regulations.


Explanatory Notes

1. Evaluation Fee

The Evaluation Fee of QAR 530 per student is payable upon submission of the Application Form. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • This fee covers the cost of processing and reviewing the student's application.
  • This fee is separate from the annual and registration fee.
  • ISL Qatar will only proceed in processing applications that paid the evaluation fee.

2. Registration Fee and Deposit Fee

The registration fee is a one-off non-refundable fee of QAR2,652 per new student while the non-refundable deposit payment QAR2,500 per returning student.  It is payable to register and secure new student’s place.

3. Re-enrolment Deposit Fee

Returning students reserve their places for the following academic year by paying a non-refundable re-enrolment deposit of QAR3,000. This amount is deducted from the annual fee.

4. Annual fees

Annual Fees cover all tuition, loan of books for the duration of the academic year and to other educational activities as detailed in the fee regulations. Parents will be invoiced for any lost or damaged books.

5. Enrolment Timeframe

There is a one-year minimum enrolment unless agreed prior to start of the student’s enrolment in the school.

6. Notice of Withdrawal

A one month's notice must be given in writing otherwise a full term's fee will be charged. Please see the advisable withdrawal dates below:

  • Before the end of term, no later than mid November 2021.
  • Before the end of second term, no later than mid March 2022.

7. Successful Admissions

Successful Admission at the International School London (ISL) Qatar includes acceptance of the above fees. Please find the Fee Regulations here. Please find the Fee Regulations and Acceptance Policies in the Admissions Information.


Methods of Payment

Payment for fees may be made using the following methods:

  1. Payment by cash or cheque to the Finance Office. Cheque should be payable to INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LONDON-QATAR.
  2. Payment by wire transfer can be done to one of the two ISL Qatar bank accounts as follows:

Transfer charges must be paid by the parent.

3. Payment by debit or credit cards in the Finance Office is only accepted from extra-curriculum activities.