Al Manaa Leasing Company provides the bus transportation service for ISL Qatar.

Al Manaa Leasing Company maintains high safety standards and is managed by experienced drivers who have a track record of safely transporting students throughout Doha. Al Manaa Leasing Company works very closely with the school administration office to ensure that parents and students get the best service possible. All drivers are well groomed, uniformed and hold valid vocational licenses appropriate for their vehicle to ensure compliance with all national rules and regulations, including comprehensive insurance cover. All buses are equipped with seat belts and air conditioning. A designated bus conductor/monitor travels on the bus to ensure the safety of the children on the bus. The bus service comprises 10 routes across Doha catering for students from EC 1 to G12.

To apply for the bus service, please print and complete the application form and submit to the school administration office. Al Manaa Leasing Company cannot guarantee that a seat will be available on all routes or for all areas of Doha. Once an application is submitted, Al Manaa Leasing Company will check the routing and availability. If a seat is available, parents will be notified of the timings, bus route, and the bus monitor mobile number. If you have any queries about the bus service , please contact Al Manaa Leasing Company Bus Representative at +97455016351.