Al Manaa Leasing Company provides the bus transportation service for ISL Qatar.

Al Manaa Leasing Company maintains high safety standards and is managed by experienced drivers who have a track record of safely transporting students throughout Doha. Al Manaa Leasing Company works very closely with the school administration office to ensure that parents and students get the best service possible. All drivers are well groomed, uniformed and hold valid vocational licenses appropriate for their vehicle to ensure compliance with all national rules and regulations, including comprehensive insurance cover. All buses are equipped with seat belts and air conditioning. A designated bus conductor/monitor travels on the bus to ensure the safety of the children on the bus. The bus service comprises 10 routes across Doha catering for students from EC 1 to G12.

School Bus Information 2019-2020

The School Bus services will commence on Sunday 25th August 2019 (first day of school). The service ensures that students are collected in the morning allowing them sufficient time to arrive at school by 7:25 AM. In the afternoon, buses will leave school at 2:25 pm and 12:20 pm on Tuesdays.

We only offer one service in the afternoon; therefore should students participate in after school activities, alternative transportation must be arranged.

Details of our service are as follows:

  • Transportation will be provided in 13-seater, 22-seater and 30-seater air conditioned busses clearly identified with the ISL logo and the route number.
  • All drivers will be well groomed, uniformed and hold valid vocational licenses appropriate for their vehicle to ensure compliance with all national rules and regulations, including comprehensive insurance cover.
  • To further protect the safety of students, a designated conductor/chaperone will be on the bus to ensure seat belt compliance. A GPS vehicle tracking system will allow central control over timing and speed.

The cost will be QAR 8250 per year. One-way bus service is available for QAR 6050 per year. To apply for the bus service, please complete and return this to the Admin office by August 15th, 2019

Transportation Regulations and General Guidelines for Students

Morning Pick-Up from Home

  • Child must be ready on time and outside at the designated area for pick-up.
  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult who waits until the bus arrives and picks up the child from the bus stop drop-off location.
  • Bus drivers and conductors have been instructed to wait no longer than two (2) minutes for a house pick up.
  • Should the child be late, the bus will move to the next stop.
  • If a child misses the bus, the parents must provide transportation to school.

After school Drop-Off

  • Drivers and conductors have been instructed to NOT drop off any young child unless there is an adult present to meet and pick the child up. Should the bus arrive at the stop and no adult is present to meet the bus on arrival, parents will be contacted on the mobile provided to AL MANA LEASING and parents will pick up the student on an agreed point after finishing all the student drop or they can pick up the Student in between the route.
  • Children are to be picked up from the bus on arrival to the house by an adult.
  • Buses leave the school at 2:25 PM except for Tuesdays buses leave the school at 12:20 PM. Parents of those students who missed the bus will be contacted by phone and will be requested to transport their children home. Buses are not available for transportation after school activities.

As we guarantee a seat for all registered students, and the drivers/ conductors are obliged to follow the designated route, Student are not allowed to go in another bus route which is not assigned to them.


All vehicles in Al Mana Leasing Co. WLL are fully insured including passengers

Contract Terms

This contract is valid for school year 2019-2020. Students/ Parents


Please email Mr. Sandeep Dogra of Al Mana Leasing at of any following changes:

  • If you are planning a vacation or absence from school, i.e. an illness etc.
  • In case of any change of your address/ home location, please contact the school authorities Mr. Ashif ( ) a week before moving, to check the availability of seats and the route to your new location; (new location map will be required). We do our best to accommodate address changes; however we cannot guarantee seats are available for the new location. We also may not have service in the area you are moving to so please check with the school authorities in advance.
  • No parents or adults other than the bus conductor and the driver are allowed d to use the bus service under any circumstances

Bus Fees

All charges are in Qatari Riyal and are billed and payable once or twice a school year. Payments are due before the first day of the bus service, parents may pay in two installments and the second installment is due in January 2020.

Note: Last date of payment of 1st installment should be paid before 7th October 2019 and 2nd installment should be paid before 31 January 2020 after QAR 25 will be charged as late fee every month.


Fee Structure Per Annum

Both Ways

QAR 8,250 (Optional- in 2 installments)
First Installment - QAR 5,750 before 7 October 2019
Second installment - QAR 2,500 before 31 January 2020

One Way

QAR 6,050 (Optional- in 2 installments)
First Installment - QAR 4,250 before 7 October 2019
Second installment - QAR 1,800 before 31 January 2020

For bank submission of bus fee:

Company name


Account number






Account Name



P.O. Box 91, DOHA, QATAR

Bank name


Please do not forget to send us the transfer receipt & to include the student name and route number while transferring the money to,

Note: Payment should be paid on or before 30th September 2019.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fees paid are non-refundable
  2. If any cancellation the paid amount is non-refundable and may not be transferred to another person.

For any Emergency or Enquiry. Please contact below.

  1. Mr. Ashif Puthukkudi : 3372 8079
  2. Mr. Sandeep Dogra : 3397 9591

Bus Service Sign Up Sheet 2019-2020