ISL Qatar Governance

ISL Schools are governed by a Board of appointed members. Chosen through a rigorous selection process our Board members offer the range of expertise necessary to the strategic development of the group.

The Schools' activities are centrally controlled by the group's CEO and each School has a senior leadership team led by the Head of School who exercises operational and strategic control of the School's day-to-day and strategic activities.

Corporate level services provide additional support to the Heads in the areas of Finance, IT systems, Accreditation/Authorisation, Professional Development, Recruitment, and Marketing. The provision of this expertise allows ISL Heads to focus not only on managing their Schools but also to benefit from innovation and best practice across the group. Divisional principals, coordinators, grade level leaders and specialists ensure that regular meetings are held to see that curriculum articulation, planning and review, instructional standards and assessment are effectively and efficiently carried out.

School Board Contact Details:

International School of London (London Campus)
139 Gunnersby Avenue
London W3 8LG
United Kingdom

Amin Makarem - Managing Director - +44(0)20 8992 5823
Nadim Makarem - Chair of the Board of Directors - +44(0)20 8993 7012