This year our G5 students undertook a PYP Passion Project as a modified Exhibition unit. This unit involved students exploring the central idea “Following our passions can enrich the lives of others”. The unit required the children to identify their passions and either independently or in pairs investigate how their passion could enhance the emotional, mental or physical wellbeing of others. We believe that this year’s focus on following our passions has brought about some incredibly creative and engaging passion projects that you will be able to discover throughout this website.




View the complete list of projects  through their PYP ExhibitionWebsite

PYP Passion Projects of 2020 Website

Below is a sneak peak of the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition:


Maintaining a healthy diet during quarantine has never been easier thanks to Blanca's Lifestyle Blog. Learn all about the joy of Mediterranean cooking

Blanca's Lifestyle Blog


Watch Ciaran's video and immerse yourself in a story that walks you through the Minecraft world that he created about the Coronavirus.

Dhara & Myrto

Be transported as you watch Dhara and Myrto's powerful dance that expresses the importance of looking after the environment beautifully.


Sit back and relax as you listen to Guilherme's piano playing. There are three tunes for you to enjoy - one of them is an original piece!


Covid19 is a threat to the world as we know it. Visit James' website - Viruses to stay informed and prepared for possible future pandemics.



Racism remains a problem all around the world. Explore this issue through Kaaraj's Lego stopmotion movie.


Would you like to perfect your ability to draw a face and all of its features?  Watch Lara's art tutorial to improve your skills,  as you learn to draw a range of facial features.

Maria Alejandra

Inspire your imagination and creativity and boost your skills and talent with Alejandra's Motivational Art website.

Alejandra's Motivational Art


Exercising With Seif is an exciting and engaging website where you can learn all about exercise and how it helps your body.

Exercising with Seif


Visit Workout With Willow for an  energetic and fun dance fitness website. This is an ideal way to help children  and adults stay fit, active and positive during the Coronavirus quarantine. 

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Workout With Willow

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