Enriched Languages

Students’ cultural and linguistic identities are valued and nurtured through our international curriculum and mother tongue language programmes.

Supporting mother tongue language literacy is central to the ISL Mission. It goes beyond preserving cultural connections and providing a soft landing. Research over the past three decades increasingly demonstrates that continuing mother tongue language and literacy in the first language alongside the development of the new language is in the learner’s best interests. It is important not only for subsequent language development, but also for overall personal and educational development.

Mother Tongue Language and Literacy

Mother tongue support goes beyond cultural identity. All subsequent language and academic study is built upon the mother tongue foundation, which is why students should learn to read and write in their own languages.

Lessons focus on reading and writing, speaking and listening. Teachers use a wide variety of resources including worksheets, recording devices, texts and videos. Songs, games and drama further enhance their learning.

Mother Tongue Language Programme

The mother tongue programme at ISL Qatar “aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect” (IB mission statement).

The mother tongue language programme promotes respect for the literary heritage of a student’s home language and provides an opportunity for students to continue to develop oral and writing skills in their mother tongue while studying in a different language of instruction.

Maintaining and developing language and literacy skills in the mother tongue:

  • Enables students to remain in touch with, and maintain esteem for the languages, literature and cultures of their home countries.
  • Makes it possible for students to re-adjust to life in their home communities, mother tongue and education systems should they return to their home countries.

To date our school had offered Mother Tongue Language Classes in Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Serbian, German, Italian , Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Malay and Indonesian. We are constantly adding more languages depending on need and availability.