ISL Qatar provides significant support for non-native English speaking students from Early Childhood through Grade 10. All the teachers in the department are trained EAL specialists with a wealth of experience in international schools around the world. The overriding philosophy of the department is to respond to the needs of the varying types of EAL students. This involves flexibility in courses provided by the EAL department in liaison with the other departments.

Early Childhood and Primary students are taught English through a supported immersion method. They spend a good deal of their class day in the mainstream classroom, with specialist pull-out classes provided by a specialist EAL teacher. Additionally, mother tongue teachers work with both the classroom and EAL teachers to explain and reinforce vocabulary and concepts taught in all curriculum areas.

The emergent EAL pupils are divided into small groups and receive several EAL lessons per week. Pupils come to these classes to develop their English language skills, to acquire knowledge of the basic vocabulary that they need to communicate with confidence and to develop their ideas. The EAL classes give them the opportunity to concentrate on basic topics that are essential for self-expression, both orally and in writing.

Secondary students are given an English placement test upon arrival. These diagnostic tests allow the school to correctly place students in the most appropriate skill level class.

Students needing Intensive English receive extra English classes based on the English level and student’s needs. The first aim of the IE classes is to equip the students with "survival English", progressing to vocabulary and the functional use of language. Gradually students are introduced to structures and vocabulary needed for their science, history and geography studies. Where possible, EAL teachers provide students with in-class support in academic subjects.

After school courses are also provided where the student’s timetable does not enable him/her to have extra English classes during school.

Extra English for Native Speakers and for Non-native Speakers. Extra English sessions are available for students who are native English speakers or for those who do not choose the Mother Tongue Language option.

Conversation Course for Parents: In addition to catering to the students, ISL Qatar offers weekly conversation classes for parents. This gathering provides parents an opportunity to socialize while refining their English skills in a relaxed environment.