ISL Qatar families come from over 70 different countries and speak many different mother tongue languages.

Mother tongue and language development is vital for educational attainment and the school places great emphasis on its mother tongue and language programme. The language of instruction of the school is English but we currently provide for students whose mother tongue is not English both by classes in their mother tongue and - for those students who require this support - through our English as an Additional Language (E.A.L.) programme. Thus, all students are supported in their mother tongue language development whatever their mother tongue may be. The school's Mother Tongue programme is widely recognised as a model for international schools and we currently have classes in nineteen different mother tongues.

Modern Languages

All students from Kindergarten study at least two languages. The study of a language other than one's own is seen as an essential element in the development of international mindedness as well as of obvious educational benefit. Mother tongue languages offered: Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Serbian, German, Italian , Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Malay and Indonesian. We are constantly adding more languages depending on need and availability.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The school offers English language acquisition through its extensive EAL programme. This can be through support in the classroom from specialist EAL teachers and in separate EAL classes. The aim of the EAL programme is to enable students to access the full curriculum whether they arrive with little or no English through to those who just need some help in developing their English language skills.