Internal ECAs

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The majority of our Extra-Curricular Activities are staff run and give students the opportunity to meet new friends and teachers in a relaxed environment. In general, these are organised on Mondays and Wednesdays, directly after school finishes. ISL Qatar’s ECA program is open for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. For theses activities there is no extra charge.

ISL Qatar is using a digital platform for the ECAs with a programme called SchoolsBuddy. Registrations and payments for the ECAs are done online. An activation link will be sent out to new parents for a one-time registration.

For queries concerning the ECAs, please contact David Bryan,

Examples of Activities Offered in 2019-2020
Boys Football U16
Girls Netball
Creative Writing
Senior Choir
Let's Move
Lego Club
Science and Art Club
Beads Club
Primary Choir
Chess for beginners
Boys Football
Floor Hockey
Math Support
Minecraft Club
Astronomy Club
Sculpture Club
Design (resistant materials)
Competitive Maths Club
Table Tennis
Girls Football U12
Qatar Debates in Arabic
Boys Football U14
Photography - Post processing
Yearbook 2019-20
Stock Market Game
French Conversation
Preparing for University
Additional Maths A&I/Studies Support
Extra Physics
Gr 12 assessments, TOK Essay Feedback
*FOA Proposal Feedback
DP Chemistry Support
DP History Revisions
Model United Nations Club
Arts and Crafts
Sensory Club
Play Doh Club
Games and Fun
Tinkering with Technology
Girls Football
Table Tennis
Chess Club
Boys Football U13
Students volunteering at 2nd Chance
Boys Football U13
TEDed Students Talks
Debate Club
Maths Clinic
Extra Arabic Lessons
Exhibition Preparations
Rooftop Garden
DP English B exam training
Photography Club
World Scholars Cup
Eco House Design Club