Teaching 21st-century skills demands more than providing a student with a computer or replacing a teacher's blackboard with an interactive White Board.
It requires teachers to transform the hardware and software of technology into an interactive tool that does not replace interpersonal classroom teaching and learning, but takes it to the next level. Once students begin to understand the implications of digital literacy and the potential of technology for research, virtual collaboration, and communication, the capacity for classroom learning and bringing the world into the classroom greatly expands.

Innovative Learning

At ISL Qatar, we recognise that every time our teachers think differently about a learning experience, we are creating opportunities for our students to do something amazing. We aim to immerse students in authentic learning that not only connects to their lives outside of school, but that allows them to explore, create, make mistakes, reflect and refine; to build essential skills such as communication and collaboration; to think critically about problems that they define and to engage in research that asks more questions than it answers.

To support teachers and students in developing these essential skills, the Innovative Learning Team, comprising two full time learning technologies integrators and two full time teacher-librarians, work alongside teachers from EC1 - Grade 12 to plan and support the delivery of units of inquiry that leverage the IB Approaches to Learning to enhance information and digital literacy whilst fostering a culture of creativity.

To support our aim to create an innovative learning culture at the school, access to resources plays in important role. The school is continually expanding its collection of STEAM resources and the Innovative Learning Team regularly facilitate 'Pop-up Makerspaces' where students can tinker with electronic invention kits, build coding skills and program robots. Coding and other STEAM related activities are also offered as ECA's (extra curricular activities) and these resources are increasingly being incorporated into the curriculum to enhance learning in an authentic manner.