Secretary General's Address

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, Directors, and Guests,

The Fifth Annual ISLMUN Conference focuses on addressing the need for Human Cooperation for Global Sustainability. The expanding problems of a planet knows no national boundaries. Herein, the significance of Human Cooperation for Global Sustainability is highlighted.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to official ISLMUN website. Information regarding the Fifth Annual ISLMUN conference can be found in the website; Conference Schedule, Rules and Procedures, Committee Research Reports, etc. Additionally, sample documents are provided to act as a guideline for new and experienced Delegates to refer to for ISLMUN Preparation. We aim to provide all delegates, both new aspiring Delegates and experienced Delegates to make useful and meaningful contribution to debates and resolutions in their respective committee.

At ISLMUN, we aim to provide a platform to delegates, both new and experienced, to voice their passion under their delegations, and to feel empowered. The Student Officers at ISLMUN are trained extensively to ensure their respective committee runs professionally and that quality debates are being carried out for each resolution, all while empowering and encouraging delegates to make a worthwhile contribution.

While the short-term objective may be providing delegates with a platform where they feel empowered, we essentially aim to prepare future leaders. Model United Nations does not only educate delegates on international relations, it provides them with an awareness of the impact of the conflicts taking place now can have in our future. Potential to improve international security and enforce human rights lies within these delegates.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to ISLMUN 2019!

Kind Regards,

Labiba Rahman

Secretary General of ISLMUN 2019


ISLMUN's Core Values

​ MUN is a platform for young adults to engage within a professional network of delegates originating from all around the world when dealing with issues of global importance and peaceful solutions to them.

Therefore, ISLMUN Chairs are trained to focus significantly upon a professional conduct of debate, ensuring that Delegate experience is not only beneficial in terms of skills, but also for meaningful networking purposes. That said however, the maintenance of a professional environment cannot be ensured with inappropriate distractions, and that is why at ISLMUN, note passing is strictly for professional purposes only.

The importance of complete and productive debate is paramount to the success of any MUN conference.

As a result, ISLMUN employs procedures very similar to those utilized at other conferences in Qatar, following most of the procedures established by the THIMUN foundation. Nevertheless, right to follow up is permitted at ISLMUN, allowing delegates to engage in productive and relevant debate at all times during committee sessions.

The Security Council is a platform for the resolution and enforcement of the most pressing global issues, requiring the highest levels of professionalism from Delegates and Student Officers alike, as well as strict adherence to international conventions.

Because of this, Expert Chairs for Security Council issues have the right to veto a clause during the conference, but this is only permissible if said clause directly violates the sovereignty of a state not represented in the council, and if this violation, as well as any possible diversion from international conventions, has not been recognized by the present members of the council.

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The Executive Team

Secretary General

Labiba Rahman

Labiba Rahman

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, Director and Guests,

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

The Model United Nations is not only a platform where I broaden my knowledge of international relations, it is a platform where I discovered my undying passion to fight for the basic human rights and my passion to strive for a world with equality.

My name is Labiba Rahman and I will be serving as the Secretary General for the fifth annual ISLMUN conference. I began my MUN journey properly last year. I say ‘properly’ due to the love hate relationship I had with MUN since 8th Grade, but it was different when I joined in the 10th Grade again. There was this newfound curiosity and interest within me which motivated me to find out more about a Club that eventually turned into my passion. Attending several conferences and chairing for the Human Rights Commission numerous times, along with serving as the Deputy Secretary General of the first annual A.I.M.S. MUN Conference; all since 2018, I am saddened to say my MUN journey in High School is soon to end.

As the Secretary General, my role is to plan and coordinate the conference alongside my Deputy Secretary General, Ziyad Anwer, and the entire Executive Team. It falls under my responsibility to ensure the planning process and the entire conference goes smoothly. My main aim is to organize a memorable conference in which delegates feel empowered and potentially discover their hidden passion. As I did mine. After all, I strive to "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

We hope you have a wonderful time at ISLMUN 2019!

Labiba Rahman
Secretary General of ISLMUN 2019

Conferences Attended: 11

Deputy Secretary General

Muhammad Ziyad Anwer

Muhammad Ziyad Anwer

My name is Ziyad Anwer, and I am honored to serve as the Deputy Secretary General of ISLMUN 2019.

I originally started MUN because I felt it would be an excellent opportunity to improve my oration skills and so I could learn more about the UN and global affairs in general. However, I quickly fell in love with MUN, not just because of its academic benefits, but also because it provided me with a valuable opportunity to meet new people.

Since the time I joined MUN in 2016, I have attended more than a dozen conferences, either as an advocate in ICJ, a delegate, or a student officer, and have had the privilege of meeting many amazing members of the Doha MUN community. ISLMUN 2019 will be my 14th conference, and I look forward to serving as it's Deputy Secretary General.

Conferences Attended: 13


Marco Zamara

Marco Zamara

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Marco, and I am honored to serve as the president for the 5th Annual ISLMUN conference. Being just a grade 8 student, my MUN journey starts quite early, attending my first MUN conference only at age 13. Hesitant to participate at first, I could relate to many first time delegates who were shy to speak, but thanks to the support given to me by my chairs, I quickly gained confidence, started debating adamantly on the podium, and was recognized for my first best delegate award. As President of ISLMUN, I am working extra hard to ensure that the same supportive atmosphere ensured to me, will also be ensured for all delegates attending ISLMUN 2019. With that said, I wish that everyone attending our conference will enjoy their time and extend their knowledge on a variety of issues, which will be discussed in every single committee room.

Good luck!

Conferences Attended: 15

Deputy President

Thu (Charlotte) Le

Thu (Charlotte) Le

My name is Charlotte Le. I am delighted to be serving as your Deputy President for ISLMUN 2019.
Let me take you back. Once upon a time, I was quite a different sort of person. I was always branded as the person who kept her head down. I could not fathom how students had the courage to raise their hands, or make a presentation, or voice their opinion!
That was before I winded up in MUN. I do not remember how I ended up participating in this extracurricular activity, but there I was.
The UN is a distinct intergovernmental organization since it is one of the only forums where almost all countries can help one another ensure peace and fairness. In a simulation of the UN, students are taught to do the same. In an environment where I was forced to speak, I came to realize it was not that blood-curdling to raise my hand, or make a presentation, or voice my opinion!
I have only been able to possess certain skills, qualities, and competencies through MUN. I hope my very own conference will impact you in the same ways as other conferences have impacted me. Let me take you forward!
Conferences Attended: 11

ICJ President and Coordinator

Sebastian Santoni

Sebastian Santoni


My name’s Sebastian and I am proud to be the President of ICJ at ISLMUN ‘19. My MUN journey began three years ago, as an outsider looking in. ‘policy statements’ and ‘resolutions’ were a foreign language, puzzling me during my first, second and even third conference. Little by little, I gained the confidence and capacity to speak. Last year, these small enhancements snowballed into an immense passion for the program, taking me to several conferences in the International Court of Justice, Security Council and as a best delegate. This year, I have continued to grow not only as a delegate and advocate, but also as a student officer and executive team member. I hope to pass the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years onto those I meet at this conference, as well as learn new things from you. I am certain that we will all leave this conference a little more knowledgeable and a little less lonely. Whether this is your third or thirteenth conference, remember that there is so much more to come.

Conferences Attended: 10

Deputy ICJ President and Coordinator

Thomas Freundt

Thomas Freundt

Hello everybody,

My name is Thomas Freundt, and I am the the vice-president of ICJ in the 2018-2019 ISLMUN team. I wish I could be speaking to every single one of you in person, but hopefully an introduction will do. I started my MUN journey in 2017, and have since then attended seven conferences, five times as a delegate, once as a chair and once as an advocate. Participating in numerous positions and committees, I have come to realise just how enjoyable and eye-opening every part of it can be, including of course, the International Court of Justice. After half an year of advocate training and another half-year as vice-president, I now see ICJ as one of the primary institutions that hold together the intricate structure that is our international community. My hope is that, through fruitful training and constructive court proceedings, we may better prepare and nurture the advocates and judges of tomorrow. My hope is to one day see them continue fulfilling the roles inside this vital institution. For this reason, I have worked diligently with the president of ICJ and the other executive team members to ensure that the second ICJ court case in ISLMUN, and first one with external advocates, be an outstanding one. I look forward to working with every one of you, to see how each of us can burst forth with new and diverse ideas that will make this conference an even more memorable one.
Conferences Attended: 7

Head of Press

Ghassan Younés

Ghassan Younes

Hello and welcome to ISLMUN 2019!

I'm your head of press, Ghassan Younés, and I'm here to document the happenings of ISLMUN, as well as to take some great pictures for the ISLMUN Instagram (@islmun) and Snapchat (also @islmun). While this is sadly my last year as the Head of Press, I'm using that as an incentive to make ISLMUN 2019 the best it can be on my end.

This is my fourth year in ISLMUN, and my third year as Head of Press. Each year, I find everyone at the conference very engaged and ready to have a wonderful experience; and while MUN is supposed to be serious and whatnot, I find everyone has an amazing and fun time alongside the experience they build.

My message to you is this: Enjoy it! Build your experiences and friendships in ISLMUN, and have a great time!

(P.S. If you're looking for me, ask one of my Smurfs - they're wearing blue)

Conferences Attended: 4

Heads of Videography

Jason Alvarado and Fernando De Leon

Fernando de Leon McCormickJason Alvarado

My name is Jason Kaled and I am Head of the Videography Team at ISLMUN 2019. I have attended 1 MUN Conference, last year, as a member of the Videography Team too.
I believe MUN is a way to best prepare this and future generations to develop the necessary skills to deal with current world problems.
This year I look forward to document the best moments and turn it into an unforgettable experience that people can enjoy and look up to.

Head of Admin

Sarah Doshi

Sarah Doshi

Hi guys!

I’m Sarah and I will be serving as the Head of Admin for ISLMUN 2019. Being in the Executive Team for 2 years now, MUN has become a staple part in my everyday life not only because of my interest in global issues and politics but also because of the person I have become after joining the MUN club 4 years ago. It has helped me think from broader perspectives and to learn that every problem has a solution. This years Executive Team have worked tirelessly to plan the most memorable conference for everyone and I hope ISLMUN 2019 is a conference in which you learn, enjoy and flourish.

Conferences Attended: 8

Deputy Head of Admin

Enisha Sharma

Enisha Sharma

I started my MUN journey in 2015, and now I have been to 16 conferences with different roles. This conference will be the first time I will be part of the Admin team as the Deputy Head of Admin. Model United Nations has supplemented my academic knowledge along with helping me understand the world around me. MUN has become way more than an extra-curricular to me; it has been embedded in my daily routine. MUN is a platform where we all get to share our knowledge about world issues and country policies. Every role in a MUN conference challenges the individual challenges their comfort zone by pushing them out of it. This year’s executive has worked tirelessly to hold the fifth ISLMUN, and the executive team wishes you the very best and hopes that you can make the best out of this conference.

Conferences Attended: 16


Ms. Smita Shetty

My name is Ms. Smita Shetty, and I have been an MUN director for the past ten years, as well as current director for the International School of London, Qatar. As an MUN director I encourage that new delegates engage in understanding procedures and world issues hoping they will provide practical solutions. Good wishes for this, the fifth ISLMUN conference.