Secretary General's Address

Dear Delegates, Student Officers, Directors, and Guests,

The Fifth Annual ISLMUN Conference focuses on addressing the need for Human Cooperation for Global Sustainability. The expanding problems of a planet knows no national boundaries. Herein, the significance of Human Cooperation for Global Sustainability is highlighted.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to official ISLMUN website. Information regarding the Fifth Annual ISLMUN conference can be found in the website; Conference Schedule, Rules and Procedures, Committee Research Reports, etc. Additionally, sample documents are provided to act as a guideline for new and experienced Delegates to refer to for ISLMUN Preparation. We aim to provide all delegates, both new aspiring Delegates and experienced Delegates to make useful and meaningful contribution to debates and resolutions in their respective committee.

At ISLMUN, we aim to provide a platform to delegates, both new and experienced, to voice their passion under their delegations, and to feel empowered. The Student Officers at ISLMUN are trained extensively to ensure their respective committee runs professionally and that quality debates are being carried out for each resolution, all while empowering and encouraging delegates to make a worthwhile contribution.

While the short-term objective may be providing delegates with a platform where they feel empowered, we essentially aim to prepare future leaders. Model United Nations does not only educate delegates on international relations, it provides them with an awareness of the impact of the conflicts taking place now can have in our future. Potential to improve international security and enforce human rights lies within these delegates.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to ISLMUN 2019!

Kind Regards,

Labiba Rahman

Secretary General of ISLMUN 2019


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