ISLMUN Core Values

MUN is a platform for young adults to engage within a professional network of delegates originating from all around the world when dealing with issues of global importance and peaceful solutions to them.

Therefore, ISLMUN Chairs are trained to focus significantly upon a professional conduct of debate, ensuring that Delegate experience is not only beneficial in terms of skills, but also for meaningful networking purposes. That said however, the maintenance of a professional environment cannot be ensured with inappropriate distractions, and that is why at ISLMUN, note passing is strictly for professional purposes only.

The importance of complete and productive debate is paramount to the success of any MUN conference.

As a result, ISLMUN employs procedures very similar to those utilized at other conferences in Qatar, following most of the procedures established by the THIMUN foundation. Nevertheless, right to follow up is permitted at ISLMUN, allowing delegates to engage in productive and relevant debate at all times during committee sessions.

The Security Council is a platform for the resolution and enforcement of the most pressing global issues, requiring the highest levels of professionalism from Delegates and Student Officers alike, as well as strict adherence to international conventions.

Because of this, Expert Chairs for Security Council issues have the right to veto a clause during the conference, but this is only permissible if said clause directly violates the sovereignty of a state not represented in the council, and if this violation, as well as any possible diversion from international conventions, has not been recognized by the present members of the council.

The Executive Committee 2019-2020

To Directors, Delegates, Student Officers, Guests,

We are the executive team of ISLMUN 2020 and it is our pleasure to invite you to the 6th annual ISLMUN conference. Between the ten of us, we have attended at least 100 conferences and we have spent over 4000 hours involved in our school’s MUN club. At ISLMUN, we believe that maintaining a high quality of debate is of utmost importance because we know it can facilitate the development of delegates into future leaders. We look forward to seeing you at the conference and wish all participants a productive and enjoyable two days.


ISL Qatar Executive Team
Student Position
Muhammad Ziyad Anwer Secretary General
Sebastian Santoni Deputy Secretary General
Raseel Al Thawadi President
Tanya Dwivedi Deputy President
George Knight ICJ President
Zainab Anwer ICJ Vice President
Audrey Harfouche Head of Press
Putu Narayanan Head of Videography
Petra Fallaha Head of Admin
Charlotte Le Deputy Head of Admin