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Head of Press

Greetings, Earthlings!

I'm the Head of Press at ISLMUN 2K19, but you probably already guessed that. As head of press, I (well, technically, the Smurf Crew - my minions) take photos of the conference, put out the Day 1 & 2 newsletters/Press Issues & make sure you guys have those same fancy booklets in front of you both days of the conference. I also made and currently take care of/maintain this here website. I was a simple minion of the Press Team in ISLMUN 2016, and I really enjoyed it, so when an opportunity came for me to become Head of Press, I jumped (well, I don't really jump in general, but you get what I mean) at the opportunity in 2017. With ISLMUN 2019 coming up, I'm pumped and ready to go! My fine set of minions and I are ready to take on the challenges of the conference and really grab the bull by the horns. I'll be working hand-in-hand with the Heads of Video to record as much as we can of the conference. Considering the fact that we'll be in each committee, watching and note-taking, you'll probably see us around a lot. Please don't hesitate to strike up a conversation (outside of the actual meeting time, preferably) with any of us! We also might choose a few of you to interview during your free time for some in-depth views into the conference.

If you happen to see me around, don't hesitate to some up and chat! I know I may look intimidating from a distance but I lack the physical energy to swat a fly; also some people say I'm nice (I think - don't quote me on it). Some of my favorite things include puns, the general Fantasy genre of books (plus some Sci-Fi / General Fiction), and the use of the Oxford comma. Oh, and also if you hear guitars, rock music, and/or anything by the Emo Trinity blasting out of a room, that's probably me (though if Labiba or Enisha ask, I was totally joking about playing music).

Warm regards,

Ghassan Younes
-- Head of Press, Webmaster Extraordinaire, Living Meme

P.S. - We're called the Smurfs because our shirts are blue. Technically, the Admin team (orange shirts) has the Minions, but you get my point (I hope).

Co-Heads of Videography