Visual Arts are integral to the IB Primary Years Programme and continued as specialist subjects throughout the Middle Years Programme. ISL also provides an advanced course of study in the Visual Arts that students can elect as part of their IB Diploma programme. We foster imaginative thinking, expression of ideas and communication. These capacities are basic to the artistic process, and also contribute to a wider range of learning and experiences.

The ISL Visual Arts programmes comprise a broad range of conceptual, material and dimensional form through which students communicate, learn about themselves, and make meaning of the world. They involve students in making objects and images through which ideas, experiences and feelings are made tangible. The Visual Arts link social, cultural, and spiritual action and belief, and inform relationships with other people and our environment.

Much of our experience of the world is visual. Visual experiences promote a variety of ways of looking, describing and responding to the world and involve people in investigating, making and interpreting art.

At ISL the visual arts stimulate our thinking and feeling. They are characterized by established conventions and methods of enquiry that are founded on the traditions of the past. They can also reflect the innovations of contemporary times by communicating information, promoting enquiry, expressing ideas, and presenting us with challenges to evolve innovative art forms and technologies.

Drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, computer-generated art and combinations of these forms are some of the visual arts that reflect the traditions and modern-day expressions of cultures and societies. Their forms and processes enable students to tell stories about themselves, to express their personal and collective identities, and to participate in the local and global community.