Creative Collective

Creative Collective was an initiative by an ISL Qatar parent, Mrs. Marie Bédard.  Inspired by the photography website 52 frames, she felt that our students should have the opportunity to channel their creative juices through weekly artistic challenges outside planned curriculum. 

It's ultimate goal is to provide a space to sharpen our learners' creativity and share within our community.

Every two weeks Creative Collective will release a theme. It is the mission of our creatives to produce an art piece related to that theme. The art forms that are accepted are film and photography,  painting/drawing, textiles, printmaking and sculpture.


Step 1: Visit the Creative Collective Website every two weeks to learn the theme.

Step 2: Based on the theme, produce an art piece.

Step 3: Upload your art within the time frame and a committee will review all submissions at the end of the deadline. You will be able to view everyone’s contribution and exchange thoughts on a members only group. The committee will feature some selected art on the public area of the website.

Theme: Black and White

As our first theme, Black and White can either be taken literally or metaphorically. It celebrates life from wrinkles and cracks to shadows and dark or light places. Artists are always trying to find beauty in all that is around us. Beauty in the mundane and quiet moments and beauty in the lively light times. You can even go a step above and create a sentence that represents your piece that also fits with the theme Black and White. Your piece doesn't necessary have to be black and white - hows that for a pause for thought!

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