During my exhibition, when viewers walk through my artworks, they will see the symbolism I have put in many of my artworks. My vision is to evoke emotions in people as they find similarities in my work to the same struggles in their lives. The exhibition is a safe space for people to understand and process their feelings and emotions. For example, feeling endangered and vulnerable to our own predators, such as bullies and negative people. We often hide our feelings and put-up walls to protect ourselves. This is portrayed in “Monarchy”.

I have used uncommon art techniques to create art that incorporates nature and our love of beauty in nature as we are a large part of the natural world and can also influence the beauty of it, if we do not care for it. We have to clean up our own mess in order to restore the beauty of nature. Using watercolors, acrylics and sculptures, I have created animals, flowers, plants and large figurative forms. Often animals and flowers represent different feelings or meanings, such as frogspawn which represent the circle and creation of life. I also used a feminist approach in designing a female samurai, breaking stereotypes so that women can be warriors too. Maybe even to be warriors without any violence. This is a large wooden cut-out with painting and drawing with multiple layers to discover. I enjoy creating art that is not traditional and use media, such as macrame to make an image instead of what is often expected such as a plant holder or maybe a rug. By using non-traditional media to make art it provides a whole new dimension to what could be ‘simple’ artworks. This shows that it is not necessary to use the traditional art supplies to make art.


Water colors and acrylics on paper
38 x 28 cm

The peacock butterfly represents the insecurities we try to hide from our own predators we face every day. Hiding in the defense mechanism of the peacock butterfly. The peacock butterfly blinds the host from the harsh things of the outside world. We put up walls to prevent our insecurities from going out into the world. I used the Monarch butterflies to symbolize this effect. The poisonous Monarch butterfly tries to attack the insecurities people may have. This was inspired by Polina Bright.


Death Shadow
Acrylics and magazine paper on canvas
50 x 40 cm

This piece is inspired by Henri Rousseau and Frida Kahlo. It discusses the emotions from the pandemic. The deathhawk moth flying in front of Neptune represents death overshadowing life. During this pandemic there was always the feeling of death shadowing our lives. The magazine clippings represent our old habits and slowly they start chipping away during the pandemic and we discovered new things about ourselves. The nature had a chance to bloom during this time. Hence, the wilderness background.


Below the Surface, from Above
Chicken wire and fabric
Four figures ranging from 115 x 47 to 163 x 32 cm

This piece is inspired by the artist Yayoi Kusama. It is named below the surface because it gives a different angle of the octopus tentacles. In a way, it looks like someone is standing upside down below the sea surface - away from the busy society we have to face every day. Above and below reminds us to look at situations from multiple perspectives and remind us there is always another side to a story.


Intertwining of Life
Rope, bamboo rod and fake flowers
113.5 x 170 cm

This piece was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and represents our life. When bamboo breaks it continues to grow where it broke off. The bamboo promotes the strength and flexibility we need in life to pursue our dreams. The flowers represent new life and knowledge that blossoms from the roots. The roots are what keeps us grounded they act like a structure for our own personal development. The viewer can see themselves as a part of nature or might notice how detached they are from it.


Lino print, markers, acrylic paint on paper
42 X 30 cm

This piece was inspired by Storm Thorgerson and his Pink Floyd album cover “The Dark Side of the Moon”. This piece promotes the process of positivity. When people say mean things it is difficult to stay positive and confident about yourself. This is also why this rainbow is smaller and less bright. When people spread positivity and encourage each other people can work on themselves and can be happy and “shine bright”. Hence, the bright colors and big rainbow. Which represent the confidence.


Beauty in Bloom
Wood, acrylic, paper and pencil
122 x 61 x 1.5 cm

This artwork is inspired by Sofia Bonati and El Anatsui. The cherry blossom hair (Sakura) represents a time of renewal and optimism. The short but powerful lifetime of these flowers help people remind that life is short and beautiful. The fallen petals represent the souls of fallen soldiers. Hence the samurai outfit. The frogspawn on the first layer represent the circle of life and fertility. Which helps to promote the hidden message of female empowerment.


Wire and foamboard
50 x 22.5 x 52 cm

This piece is inspired by Alexander Calder and his moving wire sculptures. This mechanical piece can be moved by the wires on the side. Their unpredictable flight makes their wings iridescent in different colors due to the angle in which the sun reflects off the wings. I tried to pay extra detail to this by changing the colors of the dragonfly and make their movement a little unpredictable by not fully tightening the fixtures. This way it looks like the dragonflies have a mind of their own.