The theme surrounding my exhibition is ‘women in society’, I explored multiple concepts, such as: unrealistic beauty standards, motherhood, healing one’s inner trauma as well as the struggles and responsibilities women must face. As a woman, I have come to an age where I begin to analyze my surroundings and my place in society. My personal experiences and observations contributed immensely towards the creation of my art. A recurring phrase I often hear is, “Women have it so easy”,  I want to oppose such ignorance and educate the viewer on the reality women endure and to appreciate what they offer to society. 

What exactly do women often face within their life? And how can I educate and express my feelings towards those who view my art? Those are questions I often asked myself when going through the process of creating a piece. Personally, growing up in an age where social media has become a norm, I could not help but compare myself to other women in the media. Certain characteristics were favored and I persistently felt that I did not reach that beauty standard and compared myself to other women. Therefore, the concept I explored is deeply connected to me and I wanted to share part of myself with the community and shed light on issues women commonly face.

The Divinity of Fertility
Color pencil on paper
40 x 50 cm

Within mythology, fertility is depicted as something of divine nature. A cloth wrapped around the woman's body with pomegranates and roses represents Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and fertility, and how it revolves around the abdomen of the woman. The color palette of the body is inspired by thermal cameras and Marisa Jade was the inspiring artist for this artwork. This piece represents the femininity of woman and the power their body holds to endure the troubles of childbirth.


Ubiquitous Beauty
Photo collage on canvas
55.88 x 71.12 cm

This artwork was created as an appreciation to woman worldwide. Currently, society has focused on Eurocentric beauty standards and failed to shed light on multicultural beauty. The gold textures and the jewels represent the precious value women hold, and the multiple layers represent that their beauty is deeper than just their physical appearance.



Historical Expectations
Photo collage on canvas
69.85 x 48.26 cm

This piece was made to contrast 'Ubiquitous beauty', woman have faced unrealistic beauty standards for centuries, often these practices were a threat to woman's health and safety. The multiple layers and textures represent the rough times woman had to tolerate. From foot binding to chest binding, skin bleaching and more, the expectations that woman had to endure in order to be perceived as beautiful in their culture does more harm than good.

The Inner Child
Charcoal on paper
59.69 x 41.91 cm

This piece was inspired by Henry Moore, a charcoal artwork depicting a mother and child. As a woman ages, she must face the child within herself and provide it with nurture and care to heal from past trauma, the same way a mother licks her child's wounds in order to heal and grow. The child holds a heart that is connected to vines which represents the growth and strengthening of one's heart. The snake pattern represents healing as snakes were used for medicinal purposes in the past.



A Modern Goddess -for comparative study
Digital/ Photo collage
29.7 x 42 cm

This piece was made for my comparative study, it was inspired by ‘Diego Velázquez’ and his painting 'Rokeby Venus'. This is a digital photo-collage, it was made by layering images and a photo-editing app in order to reach the desired art style. It portrays how the women who are considered beautiful in the media are often rich and wealthy and undergo numerous procedures in order to fit into the current beauty standard, and to continue to be praised by the media. 

Burden of Motherhood
Acrylic Painting on canvas
70 x 50 cm

Motherhood can often be draining; the struggles mothers face may not always be obvious. However, the contrast in colors represents the duality of motherhood. It can be both joyful and chaotic. The overgrowth of plants and the cat on the counter represents the neglect of the mother's surroundings in order to focus on her nagging children. This artwork portrays the hardships of motherhood and was created as an appreciation for mothers who are burdened with such responsibility.


The Standard of Time
1.5 x 1 m

Beauty is seen as something which is ever-changing. Every couple of years, a new beauty standard is created for woman. Each woman is looking towards another and looking for something they believe they don’t possess, creating a full continuous rotation. This artwork represents that even through the passage of time woman often believe they aren't enough and envy those who possess the standard of their time.