I have made seven art works using surrealism and nature as my theme, all my pieces resemble an aspect of the world through the use of natural elements and surrealism to add a little twist. By making these art works I want people to see life in a different way. Like working as community, seeing the way woman feel in current society, that global warming is an issue, we need to take care of our earth better because we only have one, we go through tough times and that we will get out of it eventually, species are dying due to human activities, if you give kindness you’ll receive it back. The impact I want people to have of my art is to feel understanding of life and things people do or must go through that might impact someone else or something else, like depression. Or killing so many animals of the same specie just for one small thing from them, that’s how they will go extinct. And to work more together as a community instead of against each other.

I never planned for all my pieces to have such similar elements in my pieces, especially the nature part. As my original theme was just surrealism but my mind kind of dragged it out with nature as a theme two. Which I personally really like as it connects all of my pieces. For most of my 2D paintings I used acrylic. But I used oil paint for the gold fish, because it would give me a bit more of a challenge because the building is very detailed in real life but I couldn’t do that with oil paint because the colours would just smudge together. The painting Melissae also has clay on it to elevate bits of the skin to make the wound look more 3D and realistic. The fairy and the hand are both made from zinc coated wire. That’s the only media used for those pieces except the wood base for the hand, to give it support. My piece “Breaking Through” was the one I made who had the most different types of media. What I used to make that piece is a metal wire base, aluminum foil, clay, paper clay, acrylic paint, wood boards, strong glue, screws and Epoxy. The themes that can be identified in my art pieces are surrealism, nature and in some pieces also fantasy has appeared in a few ways.

You Have to Break to Become Strong
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 61 cm

Women don't feel safe trying to survive in a world of masculine values about feminism. Even though she is bald her beauty is still shown by the flowers that come out of her face making her bleed. She radiates serenity and beauty. The bleeding also represents the time the woman was taken down, but they got up again to stay up and fight for their rights. Showing the roots of her neck as her veins slowly disappear into the darkness. The butterflies look like hope that she is not alone in the dark.


Mother Nature
Wire on wood base
20 x 15 x 20 cm

Earth is our true mother at a cosmic soul level. You need to hold out your hand and to offer your services and love back to Nature. The reason she is growing a tree out of her hand is a call for help for the planet. The ecosystem is thrown out of balance. From modern living and consumerism now creating the 6th extinction that includes humans. The earth will always outlive our existence. 



Never Give Up
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 76 cm

There is always a chance to become the lucky one.

The dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. The dragon lives in space and is helping the lost astronaut find his way back to his spaceship because he is worthy of it. He is a good man with good admissions, and it isn't his time to go yet.

Acrylic on canvas
61 cm diameter

Here is an empowered woman in harmony with bees, which are the vital plant worlds pollinators generating life spreading pollen among the plants. In Greek mythology, Goddesses were often referred to as Melissae, meaning “bees”.  And they were known as “The pure mother Bee”.  Aphrodite's the goddesses of love and beauty have many different symbols and one is a honeycomb, as bees symbolizes love, strength, industriousness and wisdom.



Breaking Through
Mix media
45 x 37 x 45 cm

This is literally a contrast between the feeling of misery and the beauty of freedom to be yourself a contrast between feelings. This piece represents the feeling when you have a “war” inside you struggling to show your true feelings to other people. It kills and causes you anxiety and depression. When you succeed in escaping that world and allowing yourself the freedom to be yourself it comes like a relief. Suddenly you start to see how beautiful the world is around you and you feel happier

Oil Painting on canvas
78 x 51 cm

A giant goldfish swimming through the city symbolizes global warming. Surrealism as an ongoing style helped me to think beyond reality about what could happen with the warming of the Earth, making all the water evaporate. So, what would the fish do? Maybe they could evolve into swimming in the sky.


104 x 137 x 60 cm

She is the last fairy in her realm and is a symbol for extinct species on earth. The humans are responsible for this due to their pollution and the clearing of forests. She feels lonely, helpless and sad. Sitting and sharing her sorrows with the flower that she is holding. Telling it to not to give up hope and to keep fighting for its existence. The position of her wings hang a little passively, emphasizing her sense of sadness.