My Body of work has explored a theme around the “Past and Present”. My body of work represents not only my personal history but also growing up in a culture that was not the same as mine. I challenged myself to discover the differences from my culture and the influence it has had on my life. I wanted to understand the different platitudes my parents would say to me and convert it into an art piece. I used body parts to depict a human in that cliché experience, such as taking selfies. "Past and the Present” is things that have happened or things that are before me and the present I made today, as in what is happening in my house today. I discovered and investigated how my past shapes me as well as through my culture. I would hope for the body of work to evoke the viewer by allowing them to find similarities to their own culture through my body of work. The art was not made to make the viewer think that only a certain culture is accepted here but to know that their own culture could have similarities.

Throughout my body of work, I have used uncommon art techniques to create art that incorporates things we might have heard or seen. Using pen, acrylic and plaster sculptures, I have painted humans and built large sculptures of them. Through art exhibitions you do not often find every piece to be human, especially the female gender, however I wanted to only incorporate woman to specifically represent a feminist approach in my art and tell stories through women. This could be seen through the piece “STOP” allowing us to understand that woman can also see the future. Woman do not have to be told by the opposite gender as us women already see the future for us and humanity. This piece is a large acrylic piece, but layers of henna are drawn on the palms to signify peace, tradition and wisdom. I enjoyed creating art that is not considered traditional as it opened me to a new artistic choice. Personally, the henna has motivated me to want to start only using henna on canvas. Linotype  was another unexpected choice of media, even though it is commonly used, it has allowed me to connect the woman drawn on the Lino print on a deeper level in order to make them all one. This is the outcome that I have gained from using nontraditional media in order to make art. A drawing might be “simple”, however, is still worthy of exhibition.

The Family Tree
Lino Print (set of three)
30 x 29 cm

This Piece was inspired by the phases of womanhood. I did this by identifying the different generations in my family. I was inspired by Kathe Kollwitz Lino technique and how she is able to show off definition in each person she draws through Lino. I was also inspired by a totem pole and how totem poles are carved with symbols marking a family's lineage which is what I did but instead of having each family member on top of each other I made us close together in a triangle shape.


Acrylic on canvas
76 x 51 cm

Stop was created during quarantine. It was when there was a lot of issues happening in the world and protests were happening everywhere. However there was the Uyghur Muslims in the concentration camps and nobody was paying attention to that. Woman are being abused in revolting ways. I wanted to represent these woman through my art piece, while not being ethnically Turkic I wanted to show that Egyptian woman were with them. This is how I decided to do the Eye of Horus


Kick IT
Ink on paper
42 x 29.5 cm

Anthony Green was my inspiration for this piece. I was inspired by the way he would angle his art pieces. He enjoyed doing 3D pieces, as well as art pieces that were angled. I then knew I wanted my female model to pose for me at a birds eye view, however I wanted her to somewhat be angled in a way where the image looks 3D. This is when I knew I wanted her to be kicking at the angle. Her feet kicking to the camera represents her kicking every objectifying and racial comment made at her.



Before She Lays
Plaster gauze sculpture
140 x 48 x 40 cm

The idea behind this is that the princess before she lays in her sarcophagus she must take her last selfie on earth before she enters the afterlife. This idea came upon when I was thinking of my personal actions. I thought if I was a princess being put in a sarcophagus what would I do. A selfie is what I told myself. I knew I wanted my princess to have the same personal characteristics as I.

The Necklace
Recycled media, wearable art necklace
40 x 25 cm

The Necklace was inspired by my love for Alexander McQueen and the way he shows off Femininity and power through a womans necklace. I wanted to show a womans strength through a necklace by also showing off my personal Egyptian heritage. I researched different Egyptian symbols and came across the Scarab which is the animals shown on the right side of this piece. I then used different metals to create luxury looking jewels on the piece as well as broken glass to represent crystals. 


Cover Your Mouth
Wood panel and acrylic paint
80 x 65 cm

Cover Your Mouth is based on the idea that a woman should not speak when unnecessary. As a woman I’ve heard many comments such as why did you speak?, who told you to speak? Your comment was unnecessary and therefore you should not have spoken? These are just a few of the comments I have faced, however other woman in the world have faced far more horrifying words that would leave anybody shocked. I wanted to represent how a woman is pushed back and told not to be spoken by many different people. Therefore the significance of   the 3D effect represents multiple people telling her to not speak.