My exhibition revolves around my experience of the emotion and sensation of feeling like perhaps you don’t belong to yourself or an experience that feels odd. This led to my theme being chosen as ‘Out of Place” in order to show and represent this feeling that I have had throughout my life or lives of people closely related to me in various experiences shown through my pictures/artwork/imagery.

"Out of Place” describes the feelings that I went through of displacement at points of my life, such as  moving countries. Situations like this that has made me, my family as well as friends feel as if there is something wrong with us. We do not belong with the way others think, where they live and or who they become. This exploration came from my own life and experiences I have gone through, however it is something understood by everyone. Feelings of emotional displacement lead to issues later in life and is a topic that should be more commonly addressed and discussed in depth in order to make sure people are comfortable with who they are and what they are doing with their lives. Also by acknowledging these feelings we can allow ourselves to feeling comfortable in our own state of Un comfortability.  People often feel misplaced for many reasons, therefore my exhibition begins and ends with images about my discomfort - not belonging.


Parallel Worlds
Graphite on paper
37.5x 26 cm

“Parallel worlds” is a self-portrait, cut out into horizontal slices done in with inspiration through Micaela Lattanzio’s distorted portrait style to show how I was affected by different people. Ideologies have changed through these interactions. I experienced multiple personalities and confusion which made me feel like I don’t belong anywhere. Who am I?... Where is my place in the world? When will the fractured fragments line up to feel whole in my life again?


One Man’s Garbage is Another Man’s Treasure
Color pencils & watercolors on paper with coins
42x 60 cm

Here is a collection of common trashed items with coins in between.  The piece shows how me, and my friends would find our own type of treasures through the trash and make our own inventions through it, making the best of every situation in the most abstract way. This was our way of having fun in the most out of place location. In the style of Linnea Tobias, I used high contrasts with color pencils and the use of everyday things which she has mentioned to be her inspiration for her work.


Life and Death Tied Together by Knowledge
Graphite and string
21x15 cm (set of 4)

This series of drawings showing skeletons going through an average lifetime done with inspiration from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s skull artwork shows the connections between the knowledge transferred between life and death since both teach us about certainties and uncertainties that go through both experiences in this abstract and unpredictable experience and how they all connect and are tied together in the form of everyone’s destiny that has been left for everyone to discover with time.


The Outsider
Acrylics & color pencils on canvas
50 X 40 cm

The astronaut helmet shows a reflection of Santiago, Chile in a David Hockney color style and a Nick Flook inspiration from the astronaut helmet. To show the place where I am from and how I became an outsider/stranger to my own town. Every visit felt like I did not belong to this changed place. More and more as the city changed and my friends grew up without me in the circle, I felt out of place and great discomfort about what is home. Where is home if not your birthplace?


Out of Luck
Acrylic on paper
70 x 50 cm

This is the Vegas entrance at night with a homeless man standing in Marc Trujillo's style of representation of consumeristic places shown empty. It represents the gambling issue that a close friend had and how it has ended up with him homeless for a period of time. The theme of “luck” and “out of place” is since nobody expects a homeless person to be in Vegas due to the cost associated with it. No one really wins in Vegas and no one’s family wins from gambling habits.


Graphite pencils on paper with a shirt
124 x 95 cm

“Shapeshifter” shows a chameleon wearing a shirt to make the piece (multidimensional), showing my changes during my transition to Qatar where I had to become a completely different person with new habits and a different language as I felt different. The chameleon wearing a shirt shows assimilation and adaptation to any place and people therefore transforming me into something else. This was done with inspiration from Rene Magritte’s “Collective Invention” as well as Adonna Khare’s work.


Social Burnout
Clay structures covered in candle wax
41x28x20 cm

This is two deformed men covered in wax. It shows the ideology that younger generations are being destroyed through unrealistic expectations and issues that we did not create ourselves and is slowly destroying us by early overwhelm and burnout. Turning the people into candles symbolizes literal burning out. The style was inspired from ancient pre-Columbian clay sculptures from west Mexico, but now as wax candles as well as Wolfgang Stiller’s “Matchstickmen” sculpture.