The conceptual thread or theme of my artwork and exhibition is the dystopian future, each piece of my exhibition is designed to cause a reaction in the audience and create awareness through the different concepts of what the world may become if we do not make conscious changes. My theme is heavily inspired by elements of horror and fiction as I have always been drawn to this style of imagery across the arts and wanted to create a shocking and lasting impression on those that see my pieces. I wanted each of my pieces to tell a story and have global relevance. Some of the main global issues that my theme explores are global warming, pollution, overpopulation, war, pandemics, lack of empathy and poverty. The purpose of the visual elements that I selected for each work is to tell a part of the story, leaving enough space for people to interpret it still. I have always felt a connection to other people depending on the impact that I cause on their lives, I want to believe that we are all part of something greater than ourselves and that by me introducing some topics, that I contributed to peoples understanding of a specific issue.


Social Dilemma
Papermache on Styrofoam head, cables, pieces of glass, and broken phone
15 x 10 x 13 cm

Paper mache sculpture of a human male head being attacked by different technological devices.  The meaning behind the piece is the overtaking of humanity by technology, revelling against humans and eventually overpowering and destroying its creators. Showcases the suffering of humanity and thereby the social dilemma.


All Sentient Beings
Acrylics on canvas
23.5 x 15.5 cm

In this dystopian setting the sea of blood is a symbol for the bloodshed of sea animals that occurs during oil leaks, mass fishing, etc. pollution in the sea can be seen alongside the factory that can be seen releasing smog. the woman seen in the painting is struggling for air as her face is covered in a plastic bag that stops her from breathing, indicating she will  join the blood shed and the dead fish swimming among her. The title “all sentient beings” is short for “all sentient beings must strive to survive” as this reminds us that we ourselves could be at the danger we put other species.


Out of Reach
Paint on canvas, Yesod, and utilizing pieces of tissue and plastic for the pile of trash, paper for the butterfly’s 3D effect
29.5 x 24 cm

The piles of trash represent everything that led humanity down the path of self destruction, such as technology, plastic, pollution, trash, guns and weapons, war, smoke produced from burning of fossil fuels, etc. The baby is the new generations to come-attempting to make the best  out of the world we live in. The child, attempting to reach a blue butterfly which symbolizes the future, that is flying away and becoming out reach.


The Uncomfortable Peek
Canvas Acrylic paint
16 x 16 cm
Masked Emotions
Pen and ink  on paper
23.5 x 16.5 cm

The piece represents the dystopian society that we live in that forces us to mask our feelings in order to be considered strong, even though the comments never truly fade and stay with us.


Human Meat
Clay, acrylic paint, bowl, gloss varnish “soup”

This human soup piece symbolizes the way in which we as a species value some lives over others, the rich eat the poor in a dystopian society not too far away from our own. Due to lack of resources and starvation the rich quite literally have to eat the poor in order to survive the harsh conditions. an extreme take on social hierarchy and the breach between the poor and the rich. the soup is stationary and the pieces are made out of clay and painted over with acrylic to give a realistic feel to the piece.