Through this body of work, I am hoping to raise more awareness of global issues happening around the world and to visuals that there are a lot of things happening around the world. While presenting my work to others, I realized more than ever before that most people are not aware of what is happening around the world. Which is exactly why I first decided to make “Global Issues” my overall theme.  My body of art impact the audience in such a way that it makes them think about the world that they know, start to appreciate their privileges and hopefully educate themselves on the manners outside of what I cover. Initially I planned to make my body of work centered around the global issue recycling and have each piece made out of recycled materials, but I ended up deciding I wanted to talk about more than just one issue while also covering the importance of recycling.

Throughout this experience I was able to further educate myself on certain topics and pass on my knowledge and importance of the global issues. For example, I was aware that a lot of Uyghur Muslims have been taken captive but only after my research have, I found out that the number of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps has surpassed that of Jews during the second world war. Or how Asian hate crime has risen over 200% over the last year. Besides gaining factual knowledge I also gained a lot of experience in using different type of medias to create art and how to work with different platforms as a canvas. I learned that most techniques take time in their own way and that there are endless possibilities to what you can use to create works of art, be it paint, paper or even bottle caps. I learned how to paint on glass by layering, how to use perspective and how to work with various types of medias. Besides having a contextual theme that connects all pieces, there is also a physical theme, in this case: color. All my pieces consist of the following colors: grey, blue, yellow, red and green. Not all artworks contain all colors, some more than others some less.


Fatal Fumes
Acrylic on a wooden board, with plastic bottle caps
50 cm x 37.5 cm

This artwork is made out of a recycled wooden board and plastic water bottle caps. It speaks about the importance of recycling and global warming. The flames represent the constant rise in temperature and the repetitive pattern in the background is there to demonstrate the endless cycle humanity will go through if this issue is not taken seriously. The flames are engulfing the figure in the middle, representing the fall of humanity.


Blue Terror
Blue Arab; Chinese Terror
Acrylics on canvas
59 cm x 84 cm

“White Terror” was a massacre that took place in China circa 1920s. I use blue skin to represent the Uighur Muslims that are currently captured and force-fed Chinese torture camps. The symbol that protests against this is a blue mask with a hand over the mouth. The clouds are classical clouds of Chinese art a long time ago, they represent China consuming all the Muslims while the hands are the rest of the world trying to reach out but are unable to.


String of decay
Acrylic paint, watercolor, pencil, pen, colored pencils, oil pastels, magazine paper(collage)
37 cm x 26.5 cm

This piece is addressing multiple global issues. In each section a different one, for example: war and conflict, water pollution, air pollution, Australia’s fire, burning of vegetation, melting of glaciers (global warming.) Colors are used to separate each issue and symbols, such as animals, are used to hint towards the meaning. Each section was made with a different type of media. The piece is inspired by David Hockney’s photomontages.


Incessant death
Acrylic on canvas
76 cm x 50.5 cm

The hospital room is split into two parts, where the left side represents the present and the right side, the past. In the beds can be seen patients who have passed away. Subtle references are depicted within the painting in order to indicate the reason of their deaths. The TV shows a news report of Covid-19 and the flyer on the other side talks about the Spanish flu. This artwork is meant to demonstrate that history is simply repeating itself.


The Path to Achromatopsia
Magazine paper (collage) on paper
23.5 cm x 31 cm

Colorblindness where people with it only see black, white and shades of grey. I named it so to represent leopards going extinct as in losing the colorful soul in their life and added a gradient from colorful to grey to visually represent the process. It is made out of little pieces of colored paper from magazines. The global issues spoken about are recycling, therefore the paper, and the extinctions of animals because if we don’t recycle most animals will go extinct as well.


Misplaced Emotions
Acrylic and pen on canvas
70 cm x 30.5 cm

The figure in the center is surrounded by a bunch of colors that almost mix into each other, each color represents a different type of emotion. Yellow is furthest away from the figure, indicating that happiness is hardest to attain. The color surrounding the figure is grey, meaning she has decided to feel nothing rather than dealing with her overwhelming emotions. This artwork discusses the struggle with mental health, which I consider something that is as important as a global issue.