We started with random, impulsive and spontaneous paint blobs on plastic - ‘quick and dirty’ technique of crunching it into a ball and rolling it back out to form a one-off monoprint looking much like a Rorschach test. Students then turned the paper round and round in an analytical state of mind as they tapped into their imagination to edit and design the piece, bringing out forms and using the spatial depth to a meaningful finish, resulting in colors, patterns and elements that inspire and relate to students’ own personal styles.

Shaikha Al Fakhri

The Nice Witch

It's about a witch that has good superpowers. I got the idea when I finished doing the monoprint I turned it around and discovered that in the middle it looked like a witch so I created a pretty wand that can go with the colors and put glittery  tape and shaped it like a cap.


In the Midst of chaos

White, black, and purple colours were used. I saw a person sitting in the middle of the paper and decided to put white around this person to sort of highlight them. Around the person was a mess of the colours and it looked kind of chaotic. So i thought, the person in the middle is at peace, while the world around him is chaotic and crazy.


Frosty River and Wooden Bridge

I thought the paint was spread out like tops of trees and some parts came together to form a bridge so I brought them all together and in the end it turned into a frosty winter scene.



Wild Flower Field

I began by choosing 3 colours for the base of my flowers. I chose red, dark blue and green as the main base of the flowers. Next I smudged it and started shaping the flowers. I added hello, light green and light blue on the flowers to make them more colourful. In the middle, I added yellow for the centre on the flower. I used white paint to create the actual shape of the flowers. In the end, I made small smudges using blue and green all over painting as a background



Parrot Eating Strawberries

I saw the pattern that I had created and the first thing I saw was a parrot. I didn't really know what the red and green things could be so I just decided to start with the parrot. I didn't add anything I just made some parts darker than others to make it look more like a parrot. And then I realised that the other things looked like strawberries. And so that's how I did this monoprint.



I started with the different shades of blue in the middle, then I added green water paint around it, then I added the leaves, I also added white dots in the middle to make them look more like flowers.



First I picked 3 different colours. I picked yellow, brown and green. I put them down in random positions. After I did she I saw a sunflower which is what I made the end result. I added on white paint in some areas to make it look like what I wanted it to look like.


Honey Bubbles

My idea was inspired by the negative space in the bottom corner. The bubbles are to represent happiness, while below the bear enjoys the honey.




A Caterpillar's Life

At first glance I could see 2 wings with a big white space in the middle.  I originally thought that I should add more paint to the middle but I decided to put a butterfly or angel instead and then decided a butterfly would be better due to all the colours. I thought it looked like a blue morpho butterfly due to all the blue. From there I added some extra details usings a black pen and then added some white to the centre for some more dimension and to make it feel less empty. I decided to not make it symmetrical because nothing is perfect and this is about a caterpillars journey to becoming a butterfly. And like all things in life nothing is perfect, not even art or something as beautiful as a butterfly.


Red and Yellow Freesias

I saw a single flower at the top and didn’t have any other ideas, so I decided to make use of the green patches and make them into leaves.



When is started, I had no idea what I was going to do, but after I finished with the shapes and coloring, with a bit of imagination, I noticed that it could be a snake and with the extra few shapes at the end, I realised I could've made it into food (rodents and small birds).