Doha-based Activities

For G5 to G11 students who do not choose to travel on ISL Qatar trips during Week Without Walls in January 2020, a programme will be offered in Doha. The programme will focus on offering students the opportunity to build new skills, challenge themselves and make the world a better place through service learning.

Students will be able to choose from a range of activities that appeal to their interests. Some activities offered will be facilitated by external providers and incur a charge, others will be facilitated by ISL Qatar faculty and will not incur a charge.

Grade 11 - There is an opportunity for you to work on your CAS during Week Without Walls. You can act as a student leader for activities that are offered to younger students. These are indicated as "+ G11" in the information below. If you join activities as a student leader, you will be expected to contact the activity leader and find out how you can participate in this role.  You can also join the Tuesday - It's up to you! activity to be part of the team that plans and runs the activities for the whole school on Tuesday January 28th.


You will need to choose an activity for your child/children for Sunday January 26th, Monday January 27th, Wednesday January 29th and Thursday January 30th.


1. All students will be on campus on Tuesday, January 28th.

2. The school day on Tuesday will end at 12:05 as usual.

3. All students will be involved in both outdoor and indoor activities on campus on this day.

4. Students should come to school suitably dressed.

Information about each activity, costs and deposits can be found below. From the 1st October, you can sign up and pay any required deposits via SchoolsBuddy. All sign ups need to be completed and paid for by October 15th 2019 in order to secure places on the activities. All activities are subject to possible changes due to the level of interest for each activity and approval from the ministry.

Please choose carefully and ensure that you have selected activities for your child/children for each of the four days of Week Without Walls.

For inquires about the Doha-based Activities, kindly contact Kelly Blackwell.



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