In the Secondary School, 3-Way Conversations have been scheduled from 7.30 am through to 4.30 pm on Wednesday, 30 October and Thursday, 31 October.  All three parties – student, parent and teacher – sit together and talk about the student’s learning, with the student taking an equal role.  However, this year, the school has made some modifications to the process in order to strengthen the practice further and to offer support to our learners.  Starting Sunday, 13 October, Grade 9 and Grade 10 students have been engaged in a learning conversation with a member of staff.  Students in Grades 6 through to 8, are scheduled to begin their coaching sessions from Sunday, 27 October.


These 15-minute highly focused coaching sessions are designed to help our students expand their capacities for learning. With their trained teacher-coach, students have explored their learning stories – those significant events that have shaped, and continue to shape, their learning.  Powerful questions and prompts enable the student to improve the quality of their inner dialogue.  Working in partnership with their coach, the students have been helped to clarify and refine their learning goals and, in turn, their performance outcomes.