Mr. Mark's Grade 4 Health and Well Being class has been working on promoting physical health. Their health journey started with some fun games that got their hearts pumping. This led to a 'Monopoly-style' game that saw groups go through multiple athletic challenges. Groups then started brainstorming ideas of their own.

After much collaboration and communication, each group developed their own health-inspired game. We then reached out to Grade 3 for some players. We grouped the Grade 3 classes into five groups and had the Grade 4s explain their game to the players. Leaders described the aim of the game, rules and other pertinent information. Grade 4s then constructed the courses and had their Grade 3 groups play. A fantastically healthy time was had by all! It was wonderful to witness the level of engagement and responsibility demonstrated by the Grade 4 students. You should be very proud of your efforts. A huge thanks to the Grade 3 teachers for allowing us to take their classes for this healthy activity. Thanks also to the Grade 3 students for being such good sports!