The world is full of International schools.

From Australia to Canada, in every country we find some international schools. Some teach a British Curriculum, or an American program, a French curriculum and some others teach a combination.

So what makes those schools International?

Is it the fact that they promote an established program adopted from another country, the number of student nationalities, the diverse teaching body, the number of languages that are taught? What makes a school truly international?

At ISL Qatar, we teach an International Baccalaureate Program that cuts across nationality or one specific country.

We have a diverse teacher and student body, we teach a multitude of Mother tongue languages, but that is not what makes us truly international. Our internationalism emanates from our commitment to developing internationally-minded children.

Moving beyond the superficial aspects of being internationally- minded, beyond the tip of the iceberg: flags, fashion, food, festivals, and famous people we challenge our students to be open-minded, to respect and accept others even if they are different from themselves.

This is the backbone of the IB Programs. Placing the Learner, your child at the center of the learning and working towards developing young adults that feel a sense of responsibility, empathy and the need to make a difference. The attributes of the IB Learner Profile “represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that encompass intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth.”

It is through the development and demonstration of these attributes that we can build the foundations for our students becoming truly international, truly active, truly caring within their communities, respecting themselves, others and the world around them.

Article by


Rola Ismail

Head of Primary