BOINC - Computer Resource Volunteering

@ International School of London

What is Computer volunteering

Computer volunteering allows any member of the public to install a small application on most internet connected devices and donate any unused resource to the World Community Grid. These application work in securely isolated environment so there is no risk of any internal data being exposed.

The World Community Grid software uses the idle time of Internet-connected computers to perform research calculations. Users install BOINC client software onto their computers. This software works in the background, using spare system resources to process work for WCG and BOINC. When a piece of work or workunit is completed, the client software sends it back to WCG over the Internet and downloads a new workunit. To ensure accuracy, the WCG servers send out multiple copies of each workunit. Then, when the results are received, they are collected and validated against each other. Users may choose to use graphics output by the current workunit as a screensaver.

Currently ISL has this application installed on 8 out of 20 of its servers spanning across ISL London, ISL Surrey and ISL Qatar, donating approximately 25% of overall capacity

ISL Project donation overview

For every second of processing power donated to this grid, ISL is contributing a substantial value towards helping and supporting 5 projects. These cover a broad area across the scientific spectrum and support research to happen on a scale not possible in traditional and conventional ways.

To view our combined histrocal contribution, please use this link.

  • Climate predication
  • Malaria control
  • theSkyNet POGS
  • FightAIDS@Home
  • Mapping Cancer Markers

Project contact

To gather more details about the project or if you have questions, feel free to contact Joris Deckers. We are continuously looking for groups to collaborate with.


BOINC Presentation March 2016

Our Projects