What's Happening in ISL Qatar?

DP Art Exhibition

The students used various approaches to art practice and all the mediums taught in the studio art department, including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, digital arts, photography, design and architecture and intermedia work.

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A Mix of Cultures and Diversity at ISL Qatar

The International School of London (ISL) Qatar celebrated its sixth annual International Family Food Fair (IFFF) on Saturday, March 2nd. The school was transformed into an international extravaganza, a performance and dance centre, fun-filled games and activities arcade and a prize draw. It was a magical celebration of diversity and an event which delighted all who were there. A spirit of friendship, multiculturalism and unity took over ISL Qatar.

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World Scholar's Cup - Yale University 2018

Since its inception in 2007, The World Scholar’s Cup has become one of the most recognized, joyful, and fastest-growing extracurricular activities in the world. Although it may look at first glance like an academic competition, it is more aptly described as a celebration of learning—an inclusive enrichment experience in which students of all backgrounds work together to explore new subjects and practice new skills.

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