Green Flag Award Ceremony at ISL Qatar

Claudia Cojocea

ISL Qatar is delighted to have received the Green Flag Award and Plaque during the assembly on Tuesday.

This award shows our commitment toward Sustainability and Well-being in our school community We would like to congratulate the Eco club members, staff, and parents for their hard work in readiness to obtain this award.

The Eco-School Green Flag Award is in appreciation of our school’s commitment to environmental education and sustainable development; and is an internationally recognized accreditation for excellence in involving young learners in the exploration and discovery of solutions to the environmental challenges that face our world today.  Being part of the Eco-Schools Green Flag is the perfect way to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the ecological achievements of our students, teachers and the entire ISL Qatar community. 

We have developed our written, taught and assessed curriculum across the three IB programmes: PYP, MYP, and DP to increase awareness and literacy on environmental and global issues.  

In spite of the pandemic uncertainty and periods of lockdown, we have, over the past two years been preparing to implement the programme and achieve the goal which has been realized today.  Throughout the weekly Eco-Club sessions and in the classrooms across the year groups, students and teachers alike, have made authentic links to the curriculum and worked in genuine collaboration with one another.

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in the process as we continue to create new student-led projects and showcase our best sustainable policies and practices. Special thanks to all members of the Eco-Club - staff, parents, and students!