ISL Qatar teachers recognised for innovation and digital learning

Claudia Cojocea

This week we celebrated 5 educators at ISL Qatar being selected as new Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE).  It’s a special award that recognizes outstanding practice in the classroom using digital tools,  innovation in digital pedagogy and a commitment to professional learning.  It is not an easy process, and it requires educators to demonstrate they have reached the standards expected of MIE Expert.   They are now part of a global community of digital learning experts, who will support their continued development and practice.

The first educator is Eileen Pretorius, G3 Level Leader whose case study explored the use of Minecraft Education Edition and Microsoft Flip to empower students to explore the complex issue of migration.  Eileen also pioneered the use of Reading Progress and developed a pilot program to investigate it’s impacts on Reading Fluency.  Eileen is looking forward to supporting other staff in her grade level and throughout PYP in utilizing these tools with their learners.

Our second educator who was awarded works across PYP and MYP, Asa Karlson Teacher of Swedish.  Asa’s case study looked at Developing language, community, identity and heritage through the Mother Tongue Cultural Village project.  In this project Asa modelled life-long learning introducing tools such as Wakelet, Canva and Microsoft Flip to her students, embedding these within the Minecraft Swedish Village.  Asa also worked with the Tech Hub to develop a Unit of Inquiry on Sustainable Development for the whole Mother Tongue department anchored around a Minecraft World based in the bushlands of Botswana, and led a Professional Learning for the whole team during Prep Week.

Our third educator is Arianna Correia from the Tech Hub.  Arianna’s Case Study explored the introduction of Academic Esports to ISL Qatar and it’s impact on the development of 21sc Century Skills in students across the grade levels.  This program is cutting edge, and will play a large role in our progression to Microsoft Showcase School.  Arianna also delivered Minecraft: Education Edition Professional Learning to almost 50 educators at ISL Qatar last year, and is working with departmental groups to weave their professional learning into their curriculum plans.

Our fourth and final educator is Stephane Cloatre.  Stephane is not new to the MIEE program, but is returning this year after a short break.  His case study illustrated how he and his students used a range of Microsoft Tools to explore the Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with his town’s Urban Planning Department.  Students used Minecraft: Education Edition to first build their district as it is today.  They worked in small groups to research the SDGs and used Minecraft to develop sustainable solutions for their town.  Students used Teams and OneNote for their planning and collaboration and presented their solutions to the County Council Assembly using Powerpoint.  Stephane’s students benefited from undertaking real-world problem solving, using a range of digital tools to enable collaboration, creative thinking, and for showcasing their ideas.

Catherine Morgan is a returning MIEE in 2022,  bringing our total to 5 MIEEs in the school.  These MIEE award case studies have all come from real projects that took place in our school last year through curriculum planning and professional learning with the Tech Hub and have had a meaningful impact on learning for our students.