ISLMUN 2018 Conference

Veronica Rueda

ISL Qatar celebrated the Fourth Annual ISLMUN (ISL Qatar United Model Nations) conference with the theme of International Partnership for Global Advancement. World Global Issues are discussed over these two days providing meaningful insights into finding solutions to problems that are happening now, such as political conflicts, human rights, crime, poverty, civil war, among others. These conferences allow students or delegates to debate in committee sessions and find possible solutions to these real issues. ISLMUN 2018 allow the students not only grow as diplomats but as citizens of a one, common world.

A huge thank you to over 150 delegates that attended the conference from different schools around Doha. The schools that participated with their committees on ISLMUN 2018:

Birla Public School
Doha College
English Modern School
Middle East International School
Next Generation School
Pakistan International School
SEK International School

ISLMUN 2018 has been a true success and an excellent learning opportunity for all attendees. The ISLMUN Executive Team will be looking forward to welcoming delegates at future conferences. 

Committees & Issues

Committee Issue
Security Council
  • Countering Transnational Threats of Organized Crime to International Peace and Security. Read Report
  • The Question of the Yemeni Civil War. Read Report
Human Rights Council
  • Protecting the Rights of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Read Report
  • The Question of Police Brutality. Read Report
Economic and Social Council
  • Role of Women in Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa. Read Report
  • The Socioeconomic Inclusion of the Romani Minority in Europe. Read Report
First Committee of the General Assembly
  • Prevention of a Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East. Read Report
  • Measures to Decrease and/or Prohibit the Practice of Private Military Contractors.  Read Report
International Court of Justice
  • Serbia and Montenegro vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read Report