Message from the Head of Primary

Wesal Abdelbaset

During our September school wide events like the Primary Assembly, the Parent Evening Information Sessions, the Extra Curricular Activities, and as a new member of the Primary Leadership team, I have had the opportunity to meet some of you and to spend time in classes and with students and teachers. I have been warmly welcomed into the ISL Qatar community. I believe that working together; teachers, staff, and parents for the welfare of our young ones, as partners in their education, we can look forward to a truly successful year. I am certainly looking forward to it!

They say 'a picture speaks a 1000 words' and if you were to venture into our Primary School this past month you would have seen that famous saying in action! I invite you to take a stroll around our school along the corridors, between classes, and to look carefully at the displays. I did that this morning and what I saw was our school's mission and vision reflected in the visuals, especially Diversity and Identity. I saw your sons and daughters working together to understand who they are, where they come from, how are they the same and different. Using the languages of art, geography, history, mathematics, and literature, they made connections between themselves, the world, and their peers. Here are some snapshots from the walls. What do you see?