MYP Awards

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Catherine Chiuco

Throughout this past year, the G10 students have completed an exciting, challenging, action packed, fun-filled year.

Throughout this past year, the G10 students have completed an exciting, challenging, action packed, fun-filled year. They have met many different challenges, seized great opportunities, made many friends, learned at first-hand about different cultures and nationalities, joined after school activities, contributed to local communities, cheered many class-mates to victory, written countless essays, solved many Maths problems and spent many hours pouring over their Personal Projects.  They are work-weary and in need of a vacation!  I would like, on behalf of the G10 class, to extend special thanks to their parents for their constant support and understanding and to their teachers for their hard work in preparing  these students for entry into continued learning whether it be at ISL Qatar or beyond; for their patience, their understanding, and their generous flexibility with regards to deadlines!

During the school’s special online celebration of learning, all our students were invited to join in the celebrations of all they have accomplished from the start of this unique and, at times, challenging 2019 to 2020 school year.

Our three MYP Valedictorians – Noor Salman (10A), Zafeira Chazapi (10B) and Kauan Carvejani (10C)  – called upon ISL Qatar students from across all the year groups to celebrate their learning of essential skills from the start of the school year to the end; but particularly, during the school’s online learning programme.  Zafeira shared with all of us the fact that our students in their final year of the MYP have developed an immunity, not to the ‘pandemic’ but rather to the ‘panic’ often experienced by those who embark on the personal project journey!  Carolina Daou (pictured below) received the 2020 Personal Project trophy for her project, ‘Creating a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Magazine for Teenagers’.


Ayah celebrates receiving this year’s Unsung Hero with her family.

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Audrey Harfouche (pictured top right) received this year’s Creativity Award for her many contributions to the Arts as demonstrated in her assistance in both primary and secondary musical and dramatic performances.

It was left to the students in 10C to share their new learnings during lock-down: learnings in sewing, needlepoint, cooking, language-learning, fitness and music theory knowledge, to list but a few.  The delightful musical interludes provided by two very talented students – Helena Cook (winner of this year’s Music Scholarship) and Lucy Coleman – reminded us of the important role that music and song plays in connecting with others.  The beautiful video produced by Dave Bryan, captured the G10 student’s creative growth when each shared their individual learning during the 2-hour Personal Project Exhibition held earlier in the year.  Zacharia Lusardi will receive the much coverted Sports Award for his outstanding contributions to the arena of sports during the 2020-2021 school year.  Many congratulations!

This year’s Learner Awards were presented to the somewhat surprised five recipients by their parents who had arranged collection from the safety of the school’s security gate earlier.  Many congratulations are, once again, extended to the following learners:

G6:       Pepijn Scholten

G7:       Emma Furniss

G8:       Rita Awad

G9:       Cristiano Paolo Pettarin

G10:     Renad Naser

The school’s U16 Football Team won the U16 League Cup and was presented with the trophy (seen above in the capable hands of ‘Team Captain Zach’) on December 3rd, after winning the final game, 4-2.  Zacharia scored the first goal of the game.  It was an astonishing achievement as the ISL Qatar team was the only one in the schools’ league not to lose a single game all year.

On January 21, Zacharia led the team to another victory, this time in the U16 Cup when the lads won 3-1 after a tense penalty shootout. Zach scored the first penalty.

Zacharia Lusardi (U16 Football Captain) will receive his Sports Award for outstanding achievements in the field of sport during the 2020-2021 school year.

Many thanks to all of you who responded so readily to our request for video clips and photographs, thus allowing our wonderful marketing department to transform them into a beautiful video for us to treasure in the years to come.  A sincere thank you, too, to all those who played their part in the production of this year’s very special Celebration of Learning!

and a final word from me …

We are at the end of another very busy, and very different, school year.  On behalf of all my MYP colleagues, I would like to thank you for your support and working partnership over the past year of learning.  Our best wishes are extended to all those families who will not be returning to ISL Qatar in September, 2020.  We hope that you have a smooth transition to your new destinations and are taking with you many, many fond memories both of our school and our adopted city of Doha.