Pink Month

Wesal Abdelbaset

There are a lot of possibilities for students to show initiative and take action at ISL Qatar. During the Cancer Awareness month of October, also called the Pink Month we have seen a couple of fundraising activities led by two students in Grade 11, Veruska Stepenka and Lily Bugg. They have had great help from a number of students in mainly Grade 3 and 4 who wanted to organise a bake sale to raise funds for cancer research. For Veruska and Lily this has been their CAS project and you can read more about their experience here: “Taking initiative for the cancer awareness month of October has been an exceptional experience. For instance, both myself and fellow peer, Lily Bugg, have further developed our leadership and planning skills. We became school leaders for such an important cause that has affected members of our school community. We cannot put into words what an honour it has been to raise awareness for those strong souls who have won a tireless battle against breast cancer. Furthermore, it was incredible being able to share this experience with our school community that has been more than supportive towards making donations all in favour of showing solidarity towards breast cancer. 

However, donations haven’t been the only way in which our community has demonstrated support. Students from grade 3, grade 4 and grade 5 have taken their own initiative and hosted a bake sale, in order to further raise awareness. It has been amazing to see how primary students have taken the lead at such a young age, especially of this global phenomenon. Both myself and Lily are very grateful to have been given this opportunity to do something so meaningful for our school community but also for those who are or have been affected by breast cancer. Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped those affected by breast cancer”.

Veruska Stepenka and Lily Bugg, Grade 11