We are excited to announce that tickets for Mulan are on sale now. The tickets are numbered and sold in order, therefore the sooner you buy your tickets the closer you will be to the front of the stage!

You will be able to purchase the tickets directly from Rowena Geraldizo at the reception. For more information, please contact her at or call us at +974 4433 8600.

Ticket costs are 50 QAR per seat.  (Three years and above).


Tuesday, 12 November – 12.30pm. We have set this time, particularly for younger children, to allow for parents to collect their children from school and attend together.

Tuesday, 12 November – 6pm show.

Wednesday, 13 November – 6pm show.

Doors will only open 20 minutes before the show starts! There will be refreshments in the atrium both before and during the interval. Please note that food and drink should not be taken into the gym.