Mathematics at ISL Qatar – where everybody counts!

by Angela Furniss, Mathematics Leader of Learning

The Secondary Maths students continue to study with passion and dedication. Here are some of the creative ways they have demonstrated their learning this term:

Our Grade 7 students created board games to demonstrate their understanding of probability.  Here are examples of work from Lara and Valentina:


and Mao explained her game in a video.


Our Grade 8 students designed a questionnaire and learned about Google Sheets in order to access the needs of our community. They’ve created letters to call for change, video tutorials, and articles reviewing online resources, all supported by their analysis of the community survey results. So if you want to learn how to improve your digital art skills, or understand copyright laws, to name just two of the areas they focused on please take a look at their work. 

Full Presentation

Our Grade 9 students have been learning about trigonometry and encouraged to think about real world applications. Here is a video from Jennifer demonstrating how to calculate missing side lengths and angles, without measuring after she was challenged to demonstrate her understanding using items around the house.


Over the break I encourage everyone to get creative and if you’re stuck for ideas, is a lovely blog by Annie Perkins; in which she encourages diversity and creativity through articles and art inspired mathematical activities.
Ms. Angela Furniss
Leader of Learning for Mathematics