Global Citizenship and Community Action

What is a Global Citizen?


What is a Global Citizen? In short it is a person who is aware of and understands the wider world regardless where he/she come from. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer.

Taking action is in the heart of all IB programmes. Action in PYP, Service as Action and Service Learning in MYP and CAS in the DP.

For the oldest students, in the Diploma Programme, it is even mandatory to finalise their CAS in order to receive their Diploma when they graduate.

In a normal schoolyear we would have had several events running every month. ISLQ Market Day, Winter Carnival, International Family Fair, Pinktober, Movember etc. Older students would have organised Extra-Curricular Activities for their younger peers. Student led groups like Model United Nations (MUN), and World Scholar’s Cup would have been in full swing now.

All the events and activities students have initiated in the past, will now need to be moved online. MUN and Qatar Debates will soon start. A new Sustainability Committee have just started up and hopefully their work will involve more students from all grades in the future.

One of the longest running projects is the Rooftop Garden. A project that started five years ago on the roof of the school. Students and staff involved wanted to show that plants can grow in the harsh environment of the desert. An automatic irrigation system was installed, and plants were researched.

Recently a group of students have decided they want to revive the garden. Plant seeds for tomatoes and other produce to grow, make a seating area over a covered section, and invite students to use the roof as a classroom.

Student Led Groups   Student Responsible Teacher Supervisor
Student Council  Raseel Althawadi, G12  Smita Shetty
Model United Nations      Emilio Egger Prieto, G12   Smita Shetty
World Scholar’s Cup     G12 Students Jackie Isherwood
Qatar Debates        TBD Smita Shetty
Rooftop Garden     Adrian Menezes, G10     Julio Landaverde
Sustainability Committee TBD Owen Haywood