Primary Leadership Team

Roula Ismail, Head of Primary

Roula Haj Ismail spent her formative years in Australia and holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Sydney, and a Masters in Philosophy from the American University of Beirut, where she began her teaching career. She is currently studying for her Doctor of Education (Ed.D) with Bath University. Roula Haj Ismail is a highly experienced and accomplished IB educator, with 20 years of involvement with good international schools in Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. She has worked as an IB PYP Coordinator for six years, and has been an IB workshop leader and team visitor for eight years.

She has presented sessions at IB and other educational conferences like NESA. Roula has a background in visual and performance art, which she brings to bear in her leadership and teaching. She has developed and performed art pieces and videos at art festivals in Europe, USA, and locally. Roula enjoys art, media literacy, music, and cross country skiing.

Louise Mills, Assistant Head of Primary

Louise hails from Australia and has over 30 years teaching experience, having previously taught in Australia, Bangkok and Hong Kong before coming to Qatar. She first joined ISL Qatar in 2014 as PYP Teacher Librarian. She then took on the role of PYP Coordinator and is now Assistant Head of Primary. Louise recently completed her Masters in Education with University of Bath. 

Living and working abroad has allowed Louise the opportunity to combine many of her passions - meeting people, learning about other cultures, travelling, photography and of course, working in some very dynamic schools.

Colin Powell, Director of Teaching and Learning

Born in the United States, Colin Powell has lived in ten countries including Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Canada, China, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Qatar. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Canada, Colin went on to complete his graduate degree and post-graduate diploma in Australia.

As a Third Culture Kid (TCK), Colin has returned to international schools as a teacher and is accompanied by his wife, Jenny Wong-Powell, and two children. He has worked in international schools in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. When Colin is not at school you will either find him in the kitchen cooking or fishing - both are passions of his.

James Kendall, PYP Coordinator

James holds a BA Honours degree from the University of Liverpool in Geography. In addition, he holds a PGCE in Primary Education from St. Mary's University, Twickenham and MA with the Institute of Education, University College London in Educational Leadership and Management.  James has previously taught in the UK, Portugal and Qatar; and was a Grade 5 PYP Teacher at St. Dominic's International School, Lisbon.  Whilst working in international education, James has held year leader, subject coordinator and deputy head of primary positions.

Jennifer Powell, EC Coordinator

Jennifer has worked in various roles. However first and foremost, she would identify herself as a mother of two children and as an advocate for children's play. As a mother, she prioritizes opportunities for play. In a world full of unimaginable opportunities, it is through play that she believes her children will develop the character and competencies needed to face the unpredictable future. What is of importance for her children is what she also advocates for as an early childhood practitioner. Didactic instruction and standardized testing have pushed play out of the classrooms, resulting in what has been referred to as the "Crisis in Kindergarten". Additionally, through her doctoral research into the biographical histories of early childhood teachers and its impact on play practices, the reality in classrooms reveal decreasing opportunities for learning through play and time for sustained play. Furthermore, play is not a universal concept. Rather, play is historically and culturally embedded as well as an institutionally defined concept. Given the above, there exists a misalignment between play at the rhetoric level and the conceptualization of play in reality. There is thus an urgency to restore play in early childhood education. This is what she is passionate about. She is dedicated to unearthing the complexities of play through conversation and collaboration, striving to develop a shared way for thinking, communicating, implementing and evaluating play in early childhood education.