Professional learning and development is one of the most exciting aspects at ISL Qatar.  If we consider the transformation of education and the way it continues to evolve, we at ISL Qatar consider those many facets of transformation and the way it affects your professional learning and development.

We embrace the transformation and focus upon you as a learner, we consider the connections you have with your students, along with your connections to the learning community.  In respect of those connections, we consider the time that you need to engage with planning and research; so that you can fully engage with your professional learning and development.  With over 70 hours dedicated to professional learning and development, we are always exploring ways to innovate, inspire and transform our individual and collective thinking.
Success for our learning community is often embedded in the way we approach professional learning and development, particularly with several dedicated programmes.  If it is an MA in International Education you want embark upon, The University of Bath MA may be the place to start.  ISL Qatar provides the financial and academic support for you to start that journey.  If you are already underway with another programme, we will also support you on that pathway.


  • To impact identified and desired learner outcomes
  • To enhance growth in educator competencies
  • To lead to cognitive and cultural transformation, both collectively and individually


  • Create a collaborative Professional Learning experience that involves educator choice and voice
  • Occurring in a psychologically safe and cognitively challenging environment
  • A continuous process that is an essential part of our everyday experience with learners, that lives in and between classrooms


  • A visible reflective process open to critique and refinement
  • A spiralling process of growth that motivates teachers to shift towards a self-authoring state
  • Context-driven, ignited by inquiry and informed by action research
  • A process that is embedded in the classroom and in practice

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