Professional Learning

Professional Learning

The school has a strong commitment to the professional learning of teachers and offers opportunities in diverse areas from which staff can map out a pathway that matches personal and professional goals. The overall school goals are:


  • To impact identified and desired student outcomes
  • To enhance growth in teacher competencies
  • To lead to cognitive and cultural transformation, both collectively and individually


  • Create a collaborative Professional Learning experience that involves teacher choice and voice
  • Occurring in a psychologically safe and cognitively challenging environment
  • A continuous process that is an essential part of our everyday experience with students, that lives in and between classrooms


  • A visible reflective process open to critique and refinement
  • A spiralling process of growth that motivates teachers to shift towards a self-authoring state
  • Context-driven, ignited by inquiry and informed by action research
  • A process that is embedded in the classroom and in practice