International School Leadership

20-21 March 2020
This two-day course focuses on the vital work leaders must do to manage and embrace conflict in their professional lives.
During the course, participants learn to identify when they are in a conflict and what their roles and responsibilities are within such a situation; strategies and protocols to draw on for further conversations / dialogue / discussion to prepare for, engage in, and manage conflicts; and to explore ways to recognise and avoid conflicts.

The course will address the following questions:

• What are the different types of conflict?
• Why are conversations important in conflict?
• What are strategies or protocols that we can draw on to guide us through conflicts?
• How can you be proactive in conflict management?
Through scenarios, reflection, conversation mapping, and structured discussions, individuals will gain tools and strategies in order to manage and embrace conflict.

Contact Person
Dounia Slaoui
Head of Human Resources
International School of London Qatar