Aspects of Professional Learning are inextricably linked to the way in which we think about our own Professional Learning and Development journey. The empowerment of our concepts, knowledge and our experiences are accentuated by engagement with the core elements of each facet. Amidst the challenges of our daily educational routines, how do we facilitate high levels of professional engagement? At ISL Qatar, we look at clarity of purpose, so our educators are able to see the value of professional engagement; one that is aligned with the vision of ISL Qatar.

We facilitate creativity and innovation through Professional Engagement. We afford our educators time to bring their passion and thinking to life. Yet it is more than simply being passionate about our concepts; it is a realisation of our concepts and sharing in the experience with our learning community. This becomes the platform and foundation upon which to build innovative concepts, along with a creative risk thinking.

The enjoyment of working alongside other educators who are aligned with a clearly delineated notion of purpose empowers our thinking in overcoming challenges, breaking down barriers and achieving the impossible.

We are always looking to achieve that at ISL Qatar with the creative leaders that are an integral part of pour learning community. Our recent foray into the world of Minecraft and how powerful this could be in exploring facets of learning is one example of dynamic professional engagement.

As the professional engagement of our educators becomes visible, we are inspired; we see opportunities for our learners, our parents and our own conceptual thinking. We can see that professional engagement empowers educators, students and parents at ISL Qatar. An engagement that transcends the traditional perspectives related to professional learning and development.