Yearbook 2023 - Forward Together

Dear ISL Qatar Community,  

As the 2022-23 academic year ends, I am filled with immense gratitude for the journey we have shared together. It has been an unforgettable year as we exited the pandemic, experienced the World Cup, and reconnected as a community. I feel incredibly proud to work with such a wonderful group of students, parents, and staff.  

To the graduating class of 2023, I offer my heartfelt congratulations on your incredible accomplishments! As you move forward and join our alumni community, I know you will go on to achieve your dreams while impacting our global community positively. Hold on to the friendships made, lessons learned, and memories cherished, for they will be with you for a lifetime. 

To the current learners of our Grades 5 and 10 classes, congratulations on your culminating achievements of the PYP and MYP programmes! You are ready to step up to the next phase of your academic adventures. You have an exciting future ahead, and we look forward to supporting you throughout your ISL Qatar journey.  

To all our departing families, we wish you well in your new countries, schools, and adventures. Undoubtedly, you have left memorable impressions on those who remain, and you will not be forgotten. Although we will miss you, please know that you always have a home at ISL Qatar. In addition to our graduates, you join an ever-growing community of ISL Qatar alumni. Please feel free to stay connected and reach out if we can assist you with anything.  

For the rest of our ISL Qatar community, as we enter the summer holiday, I wish everyone moments of rest, rejuvenation, and reconnection with friends and family. We look forward to reuniting on the 27th of August, in what promises to be one of the most exciting years yet at ISL Qatar as we get ready to implement our new strategic plan.  

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible community. Have a wonderful summer!  

Yours in partnership,  

Sean Areias, Ed.D.  

Head of School