Successful Next Steps 2021

At ISL Qatar, we truly believe that young people can help to improve the world. In the past two years, education and learning have undergone tremendous transformation. The global pandemic has made us all rethink the way we work, the way we communicate and the best way to continue the learning process. 

All major aspects of our lives have had to adapt to the challenging context in which we find ourselves and, at ISL Qatar, we have observed with great pride how efficiently students from the Class of 2021 adjusted to their new reality.  Through witnessing your energy, passion and determination to move forward in the face of adversity and on a scale of dystopian-like proportions, we have been inspired to embrace the world’s new normal! 

Over the past few years, you have harnessed a multitude of digital tools and embedded them into your daily learning routine. You have discovered and appropriated new and unique strategies of learning. You have surprised us with your passion and desire to explore and we, as teachers and educationists, are proud to have been at your side in this great adventure. 

The ISL Qatar family wish to send our heartfelt congratulations to each member of the Class of 2021 on their IB results!  With the support of parents and teachers alike, 100% of ISL Qatar students obtained their IB Diploma, a performance that is above the world average.  This is a remarkable achievement and their success is well-deserved. 

Each of member of the ISL Qatar Alumni will soon be entering various universities and colleges around the world including Canada:  The University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, University of Victoria, University of Western Ontario or University of Ottawa. We can only imagine their excitement!  Others are now in the process of moving to Europe to attend universities in the Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Utrecht University, Leiden University); Turkey (Bahçesehir University) and the United Kingdom (University of Birmingham, University of Manchester, University of Sussex, University of Liverpool, University of Lincoln). 

Others have decided to attend prestigious universities here in Qatar: Northwestern Qatar, University of Qatar or Georgetown University Qatar.  Many, too, have opted to attend universities in the United States: New York Institute of Technology, University of California-Davis, Fordham University or Florida Southern College.   

Our students are set to study a range of subjects at a range of universities across the globe, including: 

  • Law at the University of The Hague; 

  • Visual Arts at the University of York, Canada;  

  • Biomedical Sciences in Australia;  

  • Global Responsibility & Leadership at the University of Groningen;  

  • Medicine in Turkey and Spain;  

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London; 

  • Astronomy at University of Glasgow; 

  • Information Systems at the University of Western Ontario;  

  • Communications and Media at York University;  

  • Computer Engineering at Qatar University. 

We salute each student from the Class of 2021 on their well-deserved success!