We are thrilled to showcase the accomplishments of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) candidates at ISL Qatar. In the May 2023 examination cycle, a total of 46 dedicated students have successfully earned the prestigious IB diploma, symbolising their commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. Among these remarkable achievers, 13 students have earned Bilingual Diplomas, a remarkable accomplishment that showcases their language proficiency and global outlook. This constitutes an impressive 30% of the total diplomas awarded, highlighting the diverse skills within our student body.

Elevating our pride even further, we are excited to announce that the highest score achieved by a student is an impressive 41. This remarkable achievement underlines the dedication and diligence that our students consistently exhibit. Furthermore, an impressive 16% of our students have attained scores of at least 36, truly demonstrating their drive for exceptional academic performance. Equally commendable, 32% and 55% of our students have secured scores of 33 or more, and 30 or more, respectively, reflecting the depth and breadth of their knowledge and skills.

Notably, every single one of our students has successfully completed the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requirements, exemplifying their well-rounded engagement in both academic pursuits and extracurricular activities. As we evaluate our achievements on a global scale, the ISL Qatar 2023 Average Marks of 29.35 stand as a testament to the rigorous education provided by our educators and the hard work of our students. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy when compared to the 2023 World Average of 30.24. Impressively, a significant 45% of our graduates have achieved scores surpassing the world average.

Adding to our impressive results, the 2023 ISL Qatar Average Subject Score of 5 illustrates our students' consistent excellence across diverse subjects. It's important to note that our students' achievements extend beyond the classroom. A full 100% of our students have passed the Extended Essay, a reflection of their critical thinking and research skills. Moreover, our students' dedication has contributed to an 85% pass rate, surpassing the 2023 World Average Pass Rate of 79.67.

As we celebrate our students' exceptional journey through ISL Qatar High School, we acknowledge not only their individual triumphs but also the collaborative efforts of our devoted educators and the unwavering support of the ISL Qatar community. Congratulations to the Class of 2023 – your achievements are a source of immense pride and inspiration for us all.